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Students come to Fusion for many reasons, but all have one thing in common: they aren’t thriving in their current school and need a more personalized environment. Fusion’s one-to-one education will provide any student with a more customized middle and high school experience. Explore this page to see what the student experience is like for various types of students.

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Student Life

A Well-Rounded School Experience

We are intentional with our programming of extracurricular activities and social opportunities for our students. Our goal is to give our students a well-rounded school experience in a personalized environment.

Outside of their one-to-one classes, students have ample social opportunities to make friends and interact with their peers. Our Homework Café is where they finish their coursework, but when they’ve done that, they’re able to socialize in the Social Homework Café space. Students also can join clubs, go on field trips, and attend events for their enrichment.

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Hear from Our Students

Christian C.

With its unique format, I have been able to work with my teachers at Fusion indepently to fully reach my learning potential. Fusion has also allowed me to expand creatively in many areas, preparing me for my upcoming college experience.

Giulia C.

I compete in a national-level soccer league that requires me to leave for practice at short notice and often travel overseas for games. Thanks to Fusion Academy's flexibility I can balance that part of my life and maintain good grades at the same time!

Evan H.

I left my old high school with zero confidence in my scholastic abilities and no desire to go to school. I am in my second semester of 12th grade and I have recently just received my first college acceptance letter, something I thought I would never see. Fusion has shown me the importance of education, but most importantly, it has shaped me into the person I am today and the man I will be in the future.

Ajanay L.

Fusion Academy is by far the best school I have attended. Fusion makes learning enjoyable and fun! I haven't always been a “school person” but Fusion makes it so that I can learn and understand by tending to my specific learning needs.

Colten M.

At a traditional school, I was struggling to pass each grade due to the large classrooms just letting me slip by. Now at Fusion, I get all A's and I can keep up with the work.

Luke S.

Everything is completely customized based on my needs. For once, I am happy and excited to learn and be in school.

Olivia K.

Before being enrolled at Fusion Academy, I was having a really difficult time at school. My mom would ask me how my day was, and my day never got any better than a monotone “good." However, when I transferred to Fusion, things got much better for me - I feel motivation to learn, I’m getting all A’s, and most importantly, my days went from a monotone “good” to a beaming “great!”

Max G.

I love the way you learn, I find it much easier and I feel like you absorb a lot more information. More importantly, I love the staff, teachers, and other students. The friendliness of everyone really makes it feel like a family.

Shawn O.

Ever since I have come to Fusion I have bettered my health. Fusion has given me so much confidence that I feel more comfortable with myself. My teachers have shown me that I am capable of doing things that I never thought I would be able to do. With the classes being 1-on-1 the teachers allow me to focus on my passions and it energizes me to complete my work.

Matt O.

I love Fusion! Fusion is really great and I benefit from the 1-on-1 teaching approach. Classes offer me the ability to move at my own pace. The teachers are very understanding of any life issues that arise and are willing to work with you through struggles. The social Homework Café offers me the opportunity to make friends. I love the scheduling options so that I am able to have flexibility.


I came to Fusion mainly for academic help, but I ended up getting that plus better social skills and organization skills. Before I came to Fusion I was disorganized, never really got anything done the way I wanted, and didn't really have any desire to fix it. Fusion taught me how I could organize myself though, and I got the help I needed academically since I could work with my teachers on a case-by-case basis.

Aiyanna W.

Fusion is not like any other school because they appreciate your talent. You are loved and appreciated for who you are. Fusion gave me the courage to give a presentation in front of the whole school.

Molly K.

The teachers at Fusion are great. The 1:1 model helps me a lot because I am able to stop and ask questions. I am able to move at my pace. The teachers teach me in the best way that works for me. The Homework Café is great too because it's designated time to do my homework and there's help when you need it.

Colin S.

Fusion has helped me grow as a student and as a person. The teachers are very welcoming and are set on creating healthy teacher/student relationships. The system that Fusion has organized is pretty much perfect for what they are trying to achieve which is unlocking each student's potential for success and real-world activities.

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