Students with Anxiety

Anxiety can be challenging especially for children in a traditional classroom setting. Anxiety can influence classroom performance just as much as any other learning disability. For older students, individual classroom accommodations can make all the difference. Fusion Academy’s one classroom, one teacher, one student provides solution for students faced with the academic, emotional and social challenges that come with anxiety.

Many campuses have employed or designated a Special Education Lead (SEL) to be a primary resource for students, parents, teachers, and other leadership to support the needs of students with learning, behavioral, emotional, and/or attentional challenges. This person helps to ensure that the campus is appropriately serving students with diagnosed and undiagnosed learning differences, by helping families feel supported and assisting other teachers and leadership team members to deliver a successful social, emotional, and academic experience.

Personalized learning is useful for students with anxiety. Personalized learning allows teachers to adopt to students needs and gives the student the ability to allocate time towards the pursuit of their goals. When teachers adopt instructional methods and environments to the individual student, the student should benefit. This would be the case for those who experience anxiety. The increased focus could end up leading to a decrease in anxiety.


Middle School and High School Enrollment Options

Fusion Academy offers both middle school and high school courses for students with anxiety. At Fusion we understand how anxiety affects learning and we have developed strategies for middle and high school students. Students can also have either full time or part time schedules at Fusion Academy.

“I cannot say enough good things about Fusion Academy Miracle Mile. After four years of high school and four different schools – Fusion turned out to be the perfect place for our daughter to complete her education. The structure of one-on-one instruction combined with the homework café was perfect for a student with anxiety issues. No more cycle of our daughter freaking out because she got stuck on homework and couldn’t get the help she needed, so couldn’t complete it, so wouldn’t want to attend school the next day, and would then fall further behind!

Our daughter started at Fusion with some summer courses and tutoring to catch up. She ended up attending
full-time for her senior year and in that one year became so much more excited about going to school, and engaged in her classes and with her teachers. Her self-confidence grew exponentially. The administrators at Fusion, as well as the teachers, are very hands on and know and care deeply about their students. They make sure the families are involved and well informed of the progress of their students. The daily emails from teachers summarizing activities, subject matter covered, and progress eliminate the stress of wondering how your child is doing. The best part of the whole experience was seeing the acceptance letters our daughter received from some top notch universities which without Fusion probably wouldn’t have happened.”

— Linda Rachlin, Fusion Academy Miracle Mile Parent



“This was the place where our daughter leaped the chasm between failure and anxiety to success and self-esteem. The unique environment and highly motivated teachers LISTENED to our child and tapped into the way she learns. The results of this are a delight to see.”

— Henry Sopher, Fusion Academy Montclair Parent


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