Personalized Learning for Each Student

Teacher/mentors personalize course content to each student’s individual interests, resulting in a higher level of engagement. Given that there is only one student and one teacher per class, students are able to contribute their thoughts and ideas to every discussion and teachers ensure that conversations remain relevant to the course content. By exploring their learning preferences, students feel seen, heard, and understood. In the Homework Café, students can complete their coursework on campus with the help and support of a caring staff, eliminating the homework battles at home.

Supporting ADD and ADHD in the Classroom

In a personalized, one-to-one classroom we’re able to tailor curriculum and teaching styles for each individual student. This helps keep students engaged with the material and truly learn. In a classroom of one, there aren’t distractions like in larger classrooms, so students can focus on the teacher. Though each class is customized, here are some strategies our teacher/mentors employ with our ADD/ADHD students:

  • Take time at the beginning of class to give an overview of the session
  • Divide work into smaller, less complex tasks
  • Make expectations clear; provide structure and consistency
  • Provide visual depictions of subject matter whenever possible
  • Eliminate or reduce the frequency of timed tests
  • Color-code materials
  • Utilize mnemonics as study aids
  • Allow student to work on the whiteboard
  • Incorporate as many senses as possible into learning
Students working together in class.

Middle School and High School Enrollment Options

Fusion Academy offers both middle school and high school courses. We understand how ADD and ADHD affect learning and we have developed strategies to support our full-time and part-time students.

Frequently Asked Questions for ADD/ADHD Students

What will personalized learning look like for my ADD/ADHD student?

Each class is customized for every student. Teachers are able to tailor their teaching style for the student's strengths, interests, and learning style. If your student loves music but struggles with math, the teacher can bring in musical elements to teach mathematical concepts. Biology class could include a nature walk if the resources are available.

How much homework will my child have?

Teachers assign meaningful coursework to reinforce learning concepts. Students have time in Fusion's Homework Café built into their schedule. There are two Homework Café spaces on campus: one quiet and one social. These spaces are for students to complete their homework with help and supervision from a teacher.

How will my child socialize?

At Fusion, socialization happens where it should: outside the classroom. We have a social Homework Café on campus where student meetings occur, clubs meet, and students can interact between classes. Our Director of Homework Café plans programming around social-emotional learning competencies and personalized based on students' interests. Connect with your nearest campus to learn more about what clubs and events they have.

What does testing look like?

Testing is also personalized for each student. Teachers can adjust assessments based on learning style and what works best for the student.

Featured Parent Testimonial

“My son was always an enigma: he was extraordinarily bright, but produced little work. By the time he made it to middle school, we were devoting 3-4 hours per night to get his homework done. Testing showed him to have ADD and we decided to try medication. It helped a bit.

Our family evenings were completely devoted to getting SOME of his homework done. He was miserable and thought of himself as a failure. By the end of the first semester, he was failing 3 classes.

We signed up [at Fusion Academy] and have not looked back. In the two years he has been at Fusion, he has grown into a confident, happy, and successful young man. He has discovered his passion, art. He chose a college and worked hard to get in. He is aware of his strengths and his weaknesses. He has become an amazing, articulate young man. We are very proud of him. Fusion has not only changed our son, it has changed our family. We are happier, calmer, and a more cohesive unit. We have fun with our children without arguing about homework.”

— Sanja Nikolich, Fusion Oak Brook Parent

Student Success Stories

See how a personalized Fusion education changed the lives of these students and their families.

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Austin Boyd

“I don’t feel stupid anymore.”

Ian Scheel

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