About Fusion Academy Student Services

Our Student Services department is located at our Headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI. We support all campuses nationwide and focus on ensuring our student’s academic records are up to date. Our goal is to collaborate with campus Directors of Student Development through course planning to verify each student is on the appropriate academic path.

We take pride in maintaining our student’s academic integrity and help each student meet Fusion’s graduation requirements. We perform record audits and issue diplomas once the student has met all required criteria.  If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. You may contact us during our office hours from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST at 616.301.1221 x3 or by email: registrar@fusionacademy.com.

Important Dates and Deadlines


Start talking with your Post-Secondary Counselor or Director of Student Development about Early College Admissions

October 1st

First day to file FAFSA

November 1st

Early Admission Deadline (General)

November 15th

Early Action Deadline (General)

January 1st

FAFSA Deadline
General College Admission

May 1st

The National Candidates Reply Date

Post-Secondary Counseling

If you want additional support planning for life after high school, we offer one-to-one post-secondary counseling. Click the link below to see how we can help your student.

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Order Your Fusion Transcript

You will order your transcript through Parchment. (For Futures Legacy campuses, please contact your Head of School (HOS) or Director of Student Development (DSD) to request a transcript form.) Follow the link below to set up or access your Parchment account.

If you get stuck, you can watch this video.

Click here for a guide on how to set up your Parchment account and order a transcript.

Access or Set Up a Parchment Account

Use the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section below if you have questions. Toggle through topics using the filter dropdown on the right. If you still have questions after reading through all FAQs please contact your Registrar directly at registrar@fusionacademy.com or 616.301.1221 ext.3.

Parchment FAQs

What will I see on my transcript?

You will see a list of Fusion courses, grades, and credits awarded as well as a list of in progress courses. In progress courses will not display a current grade. Courses prior to Fusion will appear only on Maryland transcripts.

Why is the transcript I see in my Parchment account not up to date?

Parchment does not automatically update what is in your account once courses close. If you would like to see an updated version, please click the transcript then click update. The registrar team will view and update your transcript. Regardless of what is shown in your Parchment account, we will always send the most up to date version of your transcript.

When will I see the most recently completed course(s) on my transcript?

Please allow up to 2 weeks of processing time once your class is complete for the grade to post on the transcript. You may submit a request at any time, but we may “Hold for Grades.” Once you receive your Final Course Completion letter, the course will appear on your transcript.

How do I see grades for current courses?

Please contact your campus directly for a progress report.

Does Fusion include multiple GPAs on the transcript?

No, it is up to individual colleges or universities to set their own admissions standards and policies to determine how they calculate GPA – which classes are included and what weight they assign to the grade. Typically, students are asked to calculate the specific GPA for the program to which they are applying - whether that is a college or other program, such as NCAA.
Please note: Some colleges do not treat honors courses with the same weighting system. These institutions will calculate their own GPAs using their own weighting system (ex. UC/CSU). For more details and information about these variations, please work with your Post-Secondary Counselor (PSC).

Will Fusion issue my prior transcripts?

No, you must request a transcript from each prior institution.

Can I request a copy for my own records?

Yes, you may request a copy for your own records. When ordering, select “Yourself or Another Individual” as the destination, select “Electronic Delivery (Email),” and check the “I am sending this order to myself” box.

What if I do not see the destination I am looking for in the Parchment search bar?

You can still use Parchment to send securely. You will need to choose the “Enter Your Own” option at the bottom if you aren’t finding your destination. Then, choose whether you want the delivery 1) Printed and Mailed or 2) Electronic. Make sure you know the preferred method of delivery for the receiving school. Note, you will need to provide an address for printed and mailed deliveries.

Can I use Parchment to upload my transcripts to the Common Application or NCAA Eligibility Center?

Yes, when selecting a destination for your transcript order, simply search for Common App or NCAA and send your transcript electronically through Parchment.

What is the charge for ordering a transcript?

Current Fusion students can order an unlimited number of electronic transcripts at no charge. For Fusion alumni, there is a surcharge for every transcript sent. All printed and mailed requests charge a fee. Seniors are not considered alumni until August 1st of their graduating year. Note, you can order and hold transcripts prior to course closures of the graduating year to avoid the future fee.

Why did Parchment charge me when I am a current student?

You must enter your accurate enrollment status and graduation year in the account settings.

Fusion Academy Courses

Click the link below to view our courses online or in our digital Course Catalog. In the catalog, you will see all our available high school and middle school course descriptions including prerequisites, credit hours, course length, and available course levels. You'll also find a list of UC Approved courses, suggested course sequencing, post-secondary modules, and more.

Student Services Team

Our Student Services team is here to ensure each Fusion student’s records are up to date. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. You may contact us during our office hours from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST at 616.301.1221 x3 or by email: registrar@fusionacademy.com.


Click on the team member below to see their role and what Fusion campus states they support.


Nicole Westerfield

Student Services Manager
Primary Designated School official for SEVIS International Student Program
School Support: Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Fusion Global Academy, And Global Anytime.

Courtney Bertsch

Assistant Registrar
School Support: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, and Washington.

Graduation Requirements

Fill out this form and a member of our admissions team will be in contact with you.

Standard: 230 credits

Texas requires 220 credits (not including Endorsement)

Washington requires 240 credits

30 credits must be taken with Fusion, of those, 15 credits will be Fusion-specific courses:

Wellness (5 credits/1 semester)

Wellness is dedicated to assisting our students develop an active process of becoming aware of, and making choices toward, a more successful existence. Using four key disciplines, Emotional Wellness, Physical Wellness, Art Expression, and Music Expression, Fusion students will develop a sense of well-being and will be capable of making healthier choices. This course is graded as pass/fail.

Life Skills 1 or Post-Secondary Exploration (5 credits/1 semester)

Life Skills 1: This course develops a student’s ability to function in the three domains: Academic, Career, and Personal/Social. This curriculum builds character assets, which foster resiliency and personal growth, as well as prepares the student for their future success. Throughout the class, the student will gain a realistic portrayal of an autonomous lifestyle and the skills necessary to be independent and self-sufficient.


Post-Secondary Exploration: In this course, students explore a vision for their life beyond Fusion. They define what success looks like, what motivates them, and how to present themselves to the world. Students learn about the various post-secondary options available and develop a roadmap to explore those options. They culminate the course with a plan for next steps to achieve their goals, and continued support from a Post-Secondary Counselor if appropriate. This course will be taught by a Fusion Post-Secondary Counselor.

Life Skills 2 (5 credits/1 semester)

Life Skills 2: The second year of Life Skills is available to those students seeking additional time to develop skills within the three domains: Academic, Career, and Personal/Social. This course is customized for the unique needs and interests of the student.

For more specific requirements, questions or concerns, please contact your campus. Click here to find your nearest Fusion campus.

Grading Scale:

Request a Diploma

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