Personalized Learning for Students with Dyslexia

In Fusion’s one-to-one classrooms our teachers are able to personalize for each individual student. This includes how course material is presented and how students are assessed. For students with dyslexia, this relieves their stress so they can focus on truly learning the material.

Supporting Dyslexia in the Classroom

In a personalized, one-to-one classroom we’re able to tailor our instruction and approach for each individual student. This allows us to adjust to the way each student learns best. Though each class is customized, here are some strategies our teacher/mentors employ with our students with dyslexia:

  • Using books on tape for reading assignments
  • Color coding materials
  • Using multi-sensory methods: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic
  • Assigning alternative assignments/projects for book reports
  • Having students use a laptop for in-class essays

Middle School and High School Enrollment Options

Fusion Academy offers both middle school and high school courses. We understand how dyslexia affects learning and we have developed strategies to support our full-time and part-time students.

Featured Parent Testimonial

“My daughter was a senior in high school when she was first introduced to Fusion Academy. She had always struggled with Dyslexia and had many challenges with both English and math. Her self-esteem had been completely destroyed by her public school, its teachers, and administrators. She was made to feel stupid and that her struggles were all her fault. She was beaten down, blamed for her problems, and was on the verge of quitting school altogether. She then went to Fusion Academy.

In the first week, my daughter, for the first time in many years, came home happy, confident, and feeling great about her day. It was completely different from the environment she had endured for 11.5 years in public school. She suddenly felt that she could do anything and actually succeed in school. She said she learned more in one day than she had that entire semester at her public school. She believed in herself. Her confidence was off the charts. She felt loved, supported, and motivated to learn. 

Fusion Academy saved my daughter from giving up on herself.”

— Deborah Mussomeli, Fusion Los Gatos Parent

Student Success Stories

See how a personalized Fusion education changed the lives of these students and their families.

Strength and Understanding

Oliver Beglinger

Enjoying School and Loving Learning Again

Josie Gordon

“I don’t feel stupid anymore.”

Ian Scheel

Finding Her Voice

Laila Wemusa

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