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You’ve watched our tour video, but there’s nothing like actually stepping on a Fusion Academy campus for yourself. When you schedule a private tour, we can answer any questions you have and personalize our tour for your student and family’s interests.

All Campuses Include:

  • Teacher-customized one-to-one classrooms
  • A state-of-the-art recording studio
  • A mixed-media art studio
  • A science lab with college-level technology
  • Two Homework Café spaces for students to complete their homework on campus (one quiet and one social)
  • A yoga/PE room
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Common School Tour Questions

Whether you’re touring Fusion Academy or another school, here are some questions you should be asking to see if the school is the right fit for your family. We’ve provided answers here on a general level:

Why do teachers like working here?

Teachers enjoy the positive impact they can make on a student in the one-to-one environment. Many teachers come to us after teaching in large classrooms and having to teach to the middle. At Fusion, they can directly see the lives they change.

What kind of updates will I get about my child’s progress?

Parents/Guardians get updates from each class session their student has. These daily updates include material that was covered and anything else that came up the teacher thinks the parent should be aware of.

How do you prepare students for life after high school?

With classes being one-to-one, students gain confidence and learn how to interact with their teachers. Fusion students learn to be self-advocates and are more likely to ask questions in classes or attend office hours with their professors.

Beyond our core curriculum, we offer wellness and life skills (which are required for full-time students) which also prepare students for life after high school. These classes are personalized and cover topics to help students thrive in the “real world.”

Do students get off-campus privileges?

High school students are able to go off-campus for lunch or breaks if their parent/guardian approves. Many students will get lunch and bring it back to campus to eat and hang out in the Homework Café.

What is the culture like on campus?

We create a safe space for students and teachers to be themselves. Our Fusion culture is fun, inclusive, and welcoming.

What kinds of events do you have?

Our Director of Homework Café owns the social programming and aligns it with our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes and Social Emotional Learning competencies. Students are able to form clubs and groups based on their interests. Also, we have field trips and events like Prom and graduation.

For parents and the community, we offer open houses and educational events. Connect with your nearest campus to learn more.

What is your bullying policy?

We have a no bullying policy. Our campuses are smaller than a traditional school, and social interaction happens in our Homework Café spaces which are overseen by our Director of Homework Café.

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