Fusion Academy Programs for Gifted
and Twice Exceptional (2E) Students

Learn how Fusion Academy provides different classroom accommodations and learning styles for gifted and twice exceptional (2E) students. Gifted, twice exceptional and other students who want to accelerate their learning thrive in Fusion Academy’s one-to-one classrooms. Beyond instruction, Fusion teachers will build a relationship with the student.

How Fusion Academy one-to-one teaching
helps twice exceptional and gifted students.

Twice-exceptional students can be confusing to teachers (and to parents). It can be hard to recognize or understand the signs. Sometimes giftedness may mask learning and thinking differences. Experts acknowledge that programs for gifted and twice exceptional learners should be individualized to meet both the special education and gifted needs. At Fusion Academy the teacher is able to move the pace of the course along, dive deeper into the subject matter, and help students enjoy learning. When in a traditional class setting these students become bored, and their grades may suffer even though their intelligence is high.


Middle School and High School
Enrollment Options

Fusion Academy offers both middle school and high school courses for twice exceptional and gifted students. At Fusion we understand how twice exceptional and gifted issues affect learning and we have developed strategies for middle and high school students. Students can also have either full time or part time schedules at Fusion Academy.

“Our son struggled in the traditional high school setting. He is very bright, but lost focus with social distractions, and had trouble with accountability and self-motivation… Our son thrived in the one-to-one classroom setting and began earning straight A’s. He was also able to take classes at an accelerated rate and graduated a year ahead of schedule. He loved his teachers, learned time management, became self-motivated, and decided he wanted to study engineering in college. He applied to eight engineering programs and was accepted to six of them.

He received an academic scholarship at Ohio State University, the largest university in the country, and started as a 17-year-old. I was worried about the size of the school after attending Fusion, but he had no problem with the transition. That was almost four years ago. Now he is graduating with a degree in Computer Engineering, is on the Engineering Dean’s List, and will be working for Amazon as a Software Engineer. Fusion was absolutely the foundation of my son’s success. They truly help students find their best selves!”

— Lisa Bayindirli, Fusion Solana Beach Parent


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