A Successful School Year Starts This Summer!
Summer Programs for Middle and High School Students

 Summer programs at Fusion Academy are accredited and completely personalized for each and every student. Whether your child needs to catch up from a tough spring semester or get ahead before the next school year, we’re ready to help them reach their goals with our summer programs for teens. Fusion offers 1-to-1 classes for credit, tutoring/mentoring, and post-secondary counseling at 20% off our regular tuition pricing.

Summer Classes for Credit

Personalized classes help students make up a grade or get a tough subject out of the way, and can be completed in as little as four weeks.

Math Summer Program

Personalized math summer programs that help retain and grow your knowledge over the summer to best prepare for the new school year.

Reading/Writing Summer Program

Personalized reading and writing summer programs that can help retain and grow your knowledge over the summer to best prepare for the new school year.

Summer Tutoring/Mentoring

Tailored sessions help build essential skills, confidence, and bridge learning gaps before the school year starts.

Summer College Counseling

Expert counselors design a pathway for future academic and career success for high school students.

Why Take Summer Courses at Fusion Academy?

Set your child up for success by making the most of their summer. It’s a great time to make up for learning lost this past school year or to build their confidence before next school year.


Our summer programs are one-to-one: one student and one teacher. Instruction and pace are completely personalized so students truly master the material.


Unlike typical summer programs with rigid schedules, we work with your family to build a schedule that fits your needs. You can still enjoy your summer plans and not have to worry about where school fits.

Class Options

Fusion offers over 250 core and elective middle and high school courses. We're fully accredited, and courses are available at different levels including AP® and honors.

or Virtual

Students can attend all classes and programs in-person at one of our 80+ campuses or virtually from anywhere in the world. All virtual options are live with a teacher, just like they would be in person.

Summer Classes for Credit

Don’t let a failed class or bad grade ruin your whole summer. Classes for credit at Fusion are available both 1-to-1 and in a small group. Teachers match your student’s pace, and classes can be completed in as little as four weeks. Catch up or get ahead before the fall semester in a completely personalized environment. 

Core Academic Summer Classes for Credit

Whether it was a tough class last school year or you’re looking ahead to fall, Fusion can help your child head into the next school year with confidence. Classes like algebra, English, chemistry, and other core subjects become fun and engaging when personalized in a Fusion classroom.

Elective Summer Classes for Credit

If your child needs to be re-engaged with learning or just wants something fun to do this summer, we have a class for that. Fusion offers a robust roster of elective summer classes, including some you won’t find at other schools. New this year: we’re offering exciting artificial intelligence (AI) courses to help students be at the forefront of technology.

AP® Summer Classes for Credit

We’re excited to offer AP® courses this summer through Fusion Global Academy. These courses are 1-to-1 and are designed to prepare students for college-level work by offering college-level curriculum.

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Summer Tutoring & Mentoring

Is the idea of summer learning loss keeping you up at night? Fusion is here to help. Get the summer tutoring support your child needs for any core classes or subjects. Set a strong foundation this summer so your child starts the next school year with confidence and tools to succeed. Our teachers are our tutors and are subject matter experts. 

Academic Skill Building

Students can fill learning gaps from this last school year or build a strong foundation for the upcoming year by working with our teachers one-to-one in our personalized environment. Popular summer tutoring subjects include: 

  • Algebra
  • Chemistry
  • History
  • Study Skills
  • Biology

Creative Enrichment Options

Re-engage your child’s love of learning by having them work with one of our Teacher/Mentors to explore an area that they’re passionate about this summer. Some of our offerings: 

  • Studio Art
  • Computer Programming
  • Positive Psychology
  • Recording Arts
  • Graphic Design

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College Preparation

Prepare for your child’s future this summer! Our Virtual Post-Secondary Counseling Team is full of experts ready to help your child set goals and make strides toward them. Wherever your summer plans take you, work virtually and 1-to-1 on college and/or career readiness. We’ve also created four special post-secondary packages designed specifically for summer. 

Learn more about Post-Secondary and College Counseling


Reading and Math Remediation

Middle and high school students nationwide continue to struggle in both reading and math. Fusion Academy has multiple options for personalized, 1-to-1 courses specifically designed to fill gaps in learning and enhance important skills. Connect with us to learn more about our reading and math remediation classes.

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