Middle and High School Summer Programs

 Whatever you’re looking for during the summer, we customize our summer programs for middle and high school students so summer can be engaging and fun. Summer at Fusion Academy runs from June-August.

Academic Engagement

Fusion offers classes for credit and tutoring for students to fill learning loss gaps, recover failed credits, or get ahead in a tough subject.

Creative Enrichment

Get your student re-engaged with learning this summer. We offer fun elective classes for credit and tutoring packages like music production, game design, and more.

College Preparation

Prepare for the future during the summer! We offer college and post-secondary counseling options that are personalized and one-to-one with a trained counselor.

Why Summer at Fusion Academy?

Set your child up for success by making the most of their summer. It’s a great time to make up for learning lost this past school year or to keep them engaged with fun, personalized options. Here's what makes Summer at Fusion Academy unique:


Our classes for credit and tutoring are one-to-one: one student and one teacher. We meet students where they are to address gaps and personalize learning for your child to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


Unlike typical summer programs with rigid schedules, we work with your family to build a schedule that fits your needs. You can still enjoy your summer and keep your plans to relax and not have to worry about where school fits.

Class Options

Fusion offers traditional core classes taught in a non-traditional way: one-to-one and personalized. We also offer fun electives like art, music, tech, and yoga for students to stay engaged and explore new creative passions.

or Virtual

Students can attend all classes and programs in-person (where allowed) at one of our 60+ campuses, virtually from anywhere in the world, or a hybrid of the two. All virtual options are live with a teacher, just like they would be in-person.

Summer Classes for Credit

Worried about learning loss or looking for some creative enrichment? Fusion offers over 250 classes for students to catch up or get ahead this summer. Every class is one-to-one and personalized for each student. 

Academic Engagement Classes for Credit

Summer is a great time to focus on one or a few classes in a personalized, one-to-one environment. Students typically come to Fusion to get ahead on a tough class before next semester, or to make up a failed grade. 

Creative Enrichment Classes for Credit

Try something new, and earn elective credit! If your child got burnt out or lost their love of learning this past school year, this is a great way to get them re-engaged and learning while pursuing something they enjoy. 

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Summer Tutoring & Mentoring

Get the support your child needs for any core classes or subjects. Our teachers are our tutors and are subject matter experts to help your child get back on track, while also acting as a mentor in the one-to-one environment. This summer we’re offering tutoring in core subject areas like math, world languages, science, history, or English/language arts as well as unique subjects like creative arts, game design, music production, and more. Whatever you’re looking for, we can customize a tutoring package for you.


Academic Skill Building

Students can fill learning gaps from this last school year or build a strong foundation for the upcoming year by working with tutors in our personalized environment. Some of our academic offerings:

  ›  Customized Subject Tutoring
  ›  COVID Math Recovery
  ›  COVID Reading & Writing Recovery
  ›  Study Hacks


Creative Enrichment Options

Re-engage your child’s love of learning by having them work with one of our Teacher/Mentors to explore an area that they’re passionate about this summer. Some of our offerings: 

  ›  Creative Arts
  ›  Future CEO 101
  ›  Digital Art
  ›  The Mindset Advantage
  ›  Music Production
  ›  Game Design


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College Preparation

Preparing for life after high school can be daunting and stressful for both students and parents alike. We’re here to make that transition just a little easier. Whether your student plans to attend a college or university, take a gap year, enlist in the military, or head straight into the workforce, we can help them plan and prepare for their future.

Individualized College Prep Sessions

We offer a variety of different post-secondary counseling packages in varying price ranges so you can choose the educational experience that fits your budget as well as your student’s needs.

Learn more about College Prep Sessions


Student Success Stories

See how a personalized Fusion education changed the lives of these students and their families

“I don’t feel stupid anymore.”

Ian Scheel

A Confident Self-Advocate

Phoenix Thornhill-Clausen

A Non-Traditional Environment

Liam Fowler

A School That Cares

Katie Longanecker

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