Video Testimonials

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Going at Her Pace

Sophia M.

Gifted and Thriving


Regaining Confidence

Nora H.

A Transformative Journey

Bailey Baker

Finding and Pursuing Passions

Arianna Pooya

Finding the Right School Fit

Mya Couture

A Non-Traditional Environment

Liam Fowler

Accelerated and Personalized

Sylvia Tavernise

Overcoming Challenges

Kate Nissen

Finding Her Place to Belong

Natalya Rahban

Following His Own Road

Myles Manceaux

A Supportive Environment

Lili Maupin

Written Testimonials

Every day we receive notes from grateful students and parents. You can scroll through a sampling of them that have been approved for us to share, or you can flip through others in our Quote Book.

Mandy, Parent

I am so glad to have found a program that keeps my child engaged in learning while building her confidence. The staff does an excellent job tailoring lessons to my child’s interests, making learning enjoyable.

Jim N., Parent

Fusion is amazing. Challenging academic environment with top-notch educators and administrators. This is my second child in the program, and I am a very strong advocate.

Frank C., Parent

We have been with Fusion for eight years, seeing my daughter graduate after attending from 7th-12th grade and my son now in his third year. Fusion’s flexibility and ability to bring the best out of each student through an individualized schedule and experience are extraordinary. I highly recommend this school.

Jessica B., Parent

Quality education by caring and dedicated teachers who build rapport with each student and individually tailor instruction to maximize each child’s strengths as well as help develop emerging skills. Warm and supportive environment where students feel safe, included, and understood but also are challenged to grow in new ways. Highly recommend this school!

Keri Assell, Parent

Our son’s attitude towards school has completely changed since enrolling in Fusion. Our son feels comfortable at Fusion which has allowed him to thrive academically. His confidence has skyrocketed, and he is proud of his academic accomplishments. Having his homework completed while he is at school is a huge bonus and gives us peace at home- gone are the nights of fighting over homework. 

The Moores, Parents

We enrolled our son in Fusion to catch up on some classes, then realized that Fusion’s academic approach is exactly what he needs to succeed full-time. Learning has gone from a daily source of anxiety to one of enthusiasm. Each day, our child is eager to tell us about what he studied at school. Those conversations are key to our nightly family dinners.

Shannon Mahoney, Parent

Fusion came at the right time and was a great fit for our child’s educational needs. Academic gaps were closed and confidence was built. If you are looking for a space because traditional schooling is no longer a fit for your child or you would like them to be in a space where they are listened to and encouraged to work from their strengths, I highly recommend Fusion.

Susan Omens, Parent

We discovered Fusion when my son was struggling with math at his public high school. It quickly became clear that the large classroom setting was not going to work for him. He has now successfully completed two years of high school math with Fusion and has stepped back into his public high school for his third-year math class (he is only a sophomore) and he is doing great in the class!

Salome H., Student

Finding Fusion was one of the best things that happened to me. Being in a one-to-one environment with a teacher allows me to be challenged, but also learn at my own pace, maximizing the efficiency of the curriculum.

Wei W., Student

I’m attending college next year and Fusion has helped me to get a lot of college acceptances, including Virginia Tech, NC State, Temple University, University of Denver, and many more, all with scholarships. Fusion is a fantastic place to be—a place to maximize an individual’s potential and to help one to find success in life!

William O., Student

One of the things I appreciate about Fusion is the environment—I’ve never felt such a welcoming place before. It feels like they actually care, and it feels like I am actually learning. And I feel independent. So I vouch to say they are very helpful, both as a community and as a learning center.

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