About Fusion Academy

Fusion Academy is a private middle and high school where classes are one-to-one: one student and one teacher per classroom. We are guided by a fundamental belief in the immense potential within every person and our mission is to help each student flourish – emotionally, socially, and academically – through positive, mentoring relationships and a personalized education experience.

We care not only about the development of our students, but of our staff as well. Our teams are made up of life-long learners who are interested in continuous development. We pride ourselves on being an informed and diverse community. We are committed to providing learning and working experiences that are inclusive, equitable, and just for all stakeholders.

Our Values


We are committed to delivering excellence in all we do. We are results-focused and believe in the quantitative measurement of our efforts. We set high standards of performance and hold ourselves accountable to achieve outstanding results. We never settle for “good enough.”


We are passionate about our mission to change education. We are excited to come to work every day and to serve our students and each other. We believe that we can make an impact and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our students and our schools are successful.


We are never satisfied and believe there is always a better way. We embrace change. We actively seek new and better ways by learning from other organizations and industries. We realize that even unsuccessful ideas and programs lead to learning and improvement.


We have the courage to speak up and respectfully share our disagreements or concerns. We value the debate of ideas. We realize that a healthy organization is one where people are empowered and are comfortable in expressing their views and opinions. We take calculated risks because we know that innovation and improvement require it.

"!" It's That Important:

We understand that what we do has a tremendous impact on students. We can not wait. We can not settle. We can not quit. It’s that important!

Our Culture

Culture is how we live our values. We are a purpose-driven learning organization committed to results and to each other. ETHOS! are the EPIC! values operationalized. ETHOS! is our lived culture. These behaviors support the success of our mission.

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Campus Locations

There are Fusion Academy campus locations in major cities across the United States. All Fusion campuses are unique but have a similar culture and vibe. We’re a fast-growing company with opportunities for advancement as we open new locations in new areas. All current opportunities are compiled in one portal and you can filter by role or location.

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Working at Fusion Academy

Our staff and teachers are the lifeblood of our campuses. They believe that building relationships with students, families, and each other is the cornerstone of our unique one-to-one education model. To make an informed and heartfelt decision about whether working at Fusion Academy is right for you, please watch the video and review the teacher flyer below.

Fusion Academy Staff Roles

We’re different than other schools, so our titles are a little different as well. Click on the images below to learn more about the roles on each of our campuses and see if you’d be interested in joining our team! You can explore open positions at the bottom of this page.


Head of School

Head of School
Oversees all campus operations and ensures the campus stays true to Fusion’s culture.

Assistant Director

Assistant Director
Provides training and supervision for all Fusion teachers, ensuring academic integrity, rigor, and quality.

Admissions and Outreach

Admissions and Outreach
Admissions connect with families interested in Fusion. Outreach makes connections in the community to strengthen our support and referral network.

Director of Homework Café

Director of Homework Café
Oversees our homework hubs and social spaces by providing support, structure, and mentoring for students.

Director of Student Development

Director of Student Development
Responsible for the ongoing academic planning and scheduling for Fusion students.

Director of First Impressions

Director of First Impressions
The first face a person sees on campus. They keep track of records, day-to-day campus activities, attendance, and more.

Post-Secondary Counselor

Post-Secondary Counselor
Provides individual support for students’ future planning including college and other paths.

Department Head

Department Head
Oversees the teachers for their dedicated subject, i.e.: science or mathematics.


Works one-to-one with Fusion students in their classroom and personalizes the curriculum for each student.

Hear from Our Employees

Nicole Deveau-Jalbert, Fusion Fairfield

I have never been happier in a job in my whole life. I am valued, appreciated, respected, and treated better here than I could have even dreamed. I've always gravitated towards jobs that allow me to help people, but these jobs have notoriously high burn out rates. At Fusion, I get to be a part of important work--helping students achieve amazing goals, watching them blossom into more confident, stronger, happier people, while also feeling taken care of myself. Fusion's culture encourages community and having fun at work! I can easily and happily imagine a long career with this company.

Ellie Markham, Fusion Oak Brook

I cannot say enough wonderful things about working at Fusion. I have never had a day where I dread coming to work. I always look forward to it. I guess in that sense, I shouldn't even call it "work" then. The culture is so fun, freeing, and welcoming that it is hard to leave! That is why I haven't yet after a few years, I just can't leave this incredible workplace.

Brandon Hilliard, Fusion Pasadena

When I first came to Fusion, I had no idea what to expect. The concept of a one-to-one school was so new to me. I was nervous that I wasn’t ready to handle every situation that came up during my first few months of teaching. I soon realized that the role of mentor was so crucial to my own success as well as the students. The relationships I have been able to make with students has provided me with such a great joy that I know would be impossible to achieve in a regular school setting. I truly enjoy getting to help students grow into responsible, compassionate, and critical thinking adults.

Bonnie Reveley, Fusion Solana Beach

Working at Fusion Academy has changed my life. Up to the time I joined this team, I had only dreamed of and imagined a school that honored the individual in their academic journey. When I walked through the campus that first time, I saw students smiling in their classrooms, loving the learning process, engaged with their teachers. Thriving. It has been a daily privilege to work with students, honor their individual learning process, re-instill the love of learning, and see them come alive in a place where they are respected and valued.

Ryan Lugo, Fusion Tysons

Fusion is a life-changing place, not only for the students, but for us teachers as well. Until Fusion, I had never found happiness in my work. Having studied physics in college, I quickly found that most of the doors left open for me would lead me to a stuffy lab, or even worse, a desk and cubicle. Fusion offered me this path that I did not know existed, and though I went in rather blindly, I could tell from the get-go it would be worth it. Fusion, as simple as this sounds, makes me happy: the students, the other teachers, the entire staff, and everything Fusion stands for makes this unique little place perfect.

Amber Larson, Fusion Southlake

Fusion is an incredible place to work. I love being a part of our student's stories and the growth and confidence they achieve while here. The staff is always working together to innovate and provide the best experience possible for each student. Our school is full of passion and determination while supporting everyone to develop their talents and areas of growth, in all areas. I am so blessed to work here with our amazing staff and students!

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Join Our Team

Interested in working at Fusion? We are proud to say that we’re still hiring for virtual, in-person, and hybrid opportunities! Fusion is closely following COVID-19 guidelines and implementing processes for the safety of our employees, families, and communities. Take the first step by joining our Talent Community and apply now: