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Education and Careers that Change Lives

Just like the Fusion experience is unique for each of our students, it is uniquely different for our staff as well. Fusionites are intelligent individuals who enjoy working on a team and want to make a difference in the world through education.

A Bit About Our Team Roles:

Head of School

Oversees all campus happenings and leads all staff

 Assistant Director/Master Teacher

The keeper of the campus’ academic integrity and the lead for our Teacher/Mentors

Director of Admissions and Outreach

Interacts with families interested in Fusion and is the community connection for the campus

Director of Student Development

Help students and families plan their time at Fusion

Director of First Impressions

A welcoming presence and overseer of campus needs.

Director of Homework Cafe

Oversees our Homework Café spaces and plans activities for our students


Subject matter expert and invested mentor to their students

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Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe that in order for students to learn they must first feel trust with their teacher. We meet each student where they are and first make sure they are seen, heard, and feel safe. From there we are able to personalize our teaching style for their strengths, passions, and learning style. This one-on-one approach has life-changing results not only for our students, but provides a completely unique experience for our teachers.

Working at Fusion Academy

What does it look like to be a Fusion Academy teacher? See what teachers and staff have to say in the video to the right.


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Our Culture

When you step on one of our campuses, you’ll immediately feel the Fusion difference. We intentionally hire people who are passionate about education, have fun, enjoy collaborating with their teammates, and want to change the world through education. Just like we want each of our students to feel like they are part of the Fusion family, we want each of our staff members to feel they fit at Fusion.

Our Fusion Stories

Fusion is a life-changing place, not only for the students, but for us teachers as well. Until Fusion, I had never found happiness in my work. Fusion offered me this path that I did not know existed, and though I went in rather blindly, I could tell from the get-go it would be worth it. Fusion, as simple as this sounds, makes me happy – the students, the other teachers, the entire staff, and everything Fusion stands for makes this unique little place perfect.

Ryan Lugo
Teacher/Mentor at Fusion Tysons

My experience with Fusion has always been a wonderful one. I could never think of a better place to work. My fellow Teachers and the Administration, always make the school feel warm and welcoming.

German Yanez
Art, Film, & Photography Teacher/Mentor at Fusion Fairfield

From the time I've been at Fusion, I can honestly say, Fusion is the most amazing place I've worked at. I come to work with a smile everyday. I now look forward to coming to work every morning. Fusion gives me the opportunity to feel that I've made an impact in someone's life. Due to the one to one model, I'm able to mentor the next generation. It's an
amazing thing!

Karla Barragan
Director of Homework Café, Fusion Westchester

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