Students with ADHD or ADD

Fusion Academy provides academic programs with social and emotional support for students with ADHD or ADD. A Fusion Academy classroom with just one student and one teacher provides an environment with less distractions than a traditional classroom with a number of students. Less distractions and a stronger teacher connection at Fusion addresses the student’s attention problems and hyperactivity.

Teachers personalize course content to each student’s individual interests, resulting in a higher level of engagement. Because there’s no one else in class to slow down, students can follow their thoughts fully and work with teachers to get back on track. By exploring their learning style, students feel seen, heard, and understood. In the Homework Café, students can complete their coursework on campus with the help and support of a caring staff, eliminating the battle for you at home.


Strategies to work with ADHD/ADD include:

  • Give short, brief directions
  • Simplify instructions and choices
  • Divide work into smaller, less complex tasks
  • At the beginning of class, give student an overview of what will be taught that day
  • Review previous lesson
  • Emphasize brevity, variety and structure in teaching
  • Make expectations clear; provide structure and consistency
  • Provide visual depictions of subject matter whenever possible
  • Use visual gestures
  • Eliminate or reduce frequency of timed tests
  • Be animated
  • Help student identify and correct his/her own mistakes
  • Color code materials
  • Utilize mnemonics as study aids
  • Allow student to work on white board
  • Incorporate as many senses as possible into learning


Middle School and High School Enrollment Options

Fusion Academy offers both middle school and high school courses for middle school and high school students with ADHD/ADD. At Fusion we understand how ADHD affects learning and we have developed strategies for middle and high school students. Students can also have either full time or part time schedules at Fusion Academy.

“My son Matthew was always an enigma: he was extraordinarily bright, but produced little work. By the time he made it to middle school, we were devoting 3-4 hours per night to get his homework done. Testing showed him to have ADD and we decided to try medication. It helped a bit. We thought changing schools from private to public when he started high school would help as well. It did because his freshman year was a review of what he had done in middle school and he somehow made it through.

Sophomore year was another story. He could not get any homework done. Our family evenings were completely devoted to getting SOME of his homework done. He was miserable and thought of himself as a failure. By the end of the first semester, he was failing 3 classes. I started looking for alternatives. My mother spotted an article about Fusion opening in the Chicago area. We reached out for more information and thought the 1:1 approach would be great for Matt. We LOVED the homework being done at school concept.

We signed up and have not looked back. In the two years Matt has been at Fusion, he has grown into a confident, happy, and successful young man. He has discovered his passion, art. He chose a college and worked hard to get in. He is aware of his strengths and his weaknesses. He has become an amazing, articulate young man. We are very proud of him. Fusion has not only changed Matt. It has changed our family. We are happier, calmer, and a more cohesive unit. We have fun with our children without arguing about homework. We have actually taken several vacations— something very unusual for us. Thank you for coming to Chicago when you did”

— Sanja Nikolich, Fusion Oak Brook Parent



“Our daughter was making honor roll, barely, in her public school, but was truly struggling due to her ADD condition We just weren’t able to engage the school in being interested in helping her; they did not seem to understand or really care about her as an individual. Since coming to Fusion, our daughter has thrived academically. The one-on-one instruction is ideal for a child with ADD, and the level of teaching has also raised her intellectual level to the point where she is now a critical thinker, capable of independent analysis of complicated matters beyond where she was, and beyond where we believe she ever would have been, were it not for Fusion. Thank you!”

– Frank Cicero, Fusion Academy Westchester Parent



“My son struggled through school for 8 years before we found Fusion. He has pretty significant ADHD and some learning disabilities and was always so unhappy at school. Now, when he has to be away from school for one reason or another, he can’t wait to go back! He feels valued and cared for at Fusion rather than marginalized and discarded. I am so very grateful!“

— Ariella Goodwine Fisher, Fusion San Mateo Parent


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