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Our student-athletes and actors are highly motivated and driven. These students attend Fusion because they are looking for quality academics that also offer the flexibility they need to balance school with their extracurricular activities and passions. Typically a flexible schedule tends to mean lower academic quality, but at Fusion, our personalized, one-to-one learning model means students can have both a flexible schedule and a premium education.

Beyond flexibility, Fusion Academy also provides a holistic education. Our philosophy of Love, Motivate, Teach, means that our teacher/mentors meet students where they are and help them build the confidence they need for their social and emotional well-being.


Fully Accredited & Compliant

National and Regionally Accredited

Accreditation ensures that schools are operating with the highest level of educational quality and integrity, as validated by an external accrediting agency.

At Fusion Academy, we’re accredited nationally by Cognia, the gold standard for accreditation. Cognia is widely accepted by schools and colleges across the nation. We also hold accreditation from five regional accrediting bodies as well.

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NCAA Approved Courses

Students who want the option to play sports during their first year at an NCAA Division I or II college must take specific courses. Fusion has a robust list of over 160 NCAA-approved core courses for students to choose from when seeking eligibility.

Academic Support All In One Place

Personalized Academic Support Wherever You Are

Fusion Academy offers full-time and part-time programs for middle and high school students. Classes are one-to-one and personalized for each student and schedules are customized to fit into each student’s life. We have worked with student-athletes, actors, and other students who need scheduling accommodations and know it’s important for us to provide consistency. With Fusion’s in-person and online options, we can create a program that works around your student’s life. Take us with you virtually when you travel, or work with us to visit another campus while you’re away from home. 

“Fusion was a great experience for my son. As an elite athlete, the flexibility allowed him to be successful in both academics and sports. The teachers truly care and form real relationships with the students.”

Jill V., Fusion Warner Center Parent in a 5-star Google Review

“It’s a joy to see the lack of constant stress in my daughter’s face. She’s an elite athlete, and since coming to Fusion I can see her being able to enjoy life and her beloved soccer without being judged and constantly feeling like she is falling behind. She can finally be herself.”

Maurizio Cascapera, Fusion Pasadena Parent

“My son is an athlete, very social, and an average student. The class would be moving too fast for him to ever fully understand the content. Fusion teaches from where the student is. They have gotten to know my son so much it brings tears to my eyes. He is now an A student which I knew he could be because he's very smart but could never show it or manifest it in his grades. At every turn I'm more and more impressed with Fusion and my son has NEVER been this confident. Not only because of his grades but because he is finally being SEEN by people he admires and wants to please. My deepest prayers have been answered and it has forever changed him. It's worth every penny. ”

Fusion Academy Columbia Parent in a 5-star Google Review

“Amazing experience across the board. Teachers were absolutely incredible, administrators always available and program content top-notch. Highly recommend for traveling student-athletes or any young adult looking for a personalized and challenging learning experience.”

Jim Negus, Fusion Palos Verdes Parent in a 5-star Google Review

Social-Emotional Learning and Support

Middle and high school students go through a lot. The pressures of pursuing a passion outside of school can add additional stress and make it hard to balance everything. Our teachers also act as mentors and care about the social, emotional, and academic success of their students. They can check in with students in the one-to-one setting, as well as help them build confidence and learn how to manage stress and emotions.

Full School Experience

Fusion students have access to groups, field trips, clubs, events, and everyday socialization in our Homework Café spaces. Whether in-person or virtual, we intentionally incorporate social opportunities for students to build friendships. It is our goal for our students to have a well-rounded school experience.

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