Completely Personalized Education

One-to-one classes allow for a completely personalized experience for our students. Teachers personalize instruction for each student’s strengths, interests, and learning preferences. We’re able to customize student schedules to fit their life and needs. Students can take classes at a time of day that works best for them and can work around extracurricular pursuits.

“The one-to-one teacher/student environment was made for our daughter! She excels and thrives in the challenging and highly personalized educational experience her teachers provide! She is confident in herself and feels completely at home there. She is receiving exactly the educational foundation she needs for the successful college experience she is looking forward to beginning.”

- Andrea Lamarsaude, Fusion Parent

“For the first time since grammar school our son became fully engaged in academics and it changed the way he thought of himself. His confidence grew along with his academic proficiency and achievement. Fusion offers a rigorous curriculum and provides the personalized support designed to nurture the students.”

- Randy Frank, Fusion Parent

“Fusion has been a game changer for our son. He loves the one-on-one instruction and he is learning more (and making even higher grades) with a lot less stress. Fusion has been a safe, welcoming, growth environment for him and we are so grateful.”

- Paula D., Fusion Parent

Why One-to-One?

We believe that positive relationships are the key to unlocking the incredible potential every student has. In order to learn, students must first feel safe and understood. That’s why our approach is Love, Motivate, Teach. We first seek to understand the student and see them as an individual with the capacity to learn, which allows them to be a motivated learner. When students feel that level of care and attention, they have the space to be motivated and that’s when real teaching can begin.

Data also shows students who learn in a one-to-one environment will outperform their peers. Educational Psychologist Benjamin Bloom published a study demonstrating that the average student receiving one-to-one instruction will outperform 98 percent of all other students in traditional group instruction.

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