Why Personalization Matters

The academic research is clear. When it comes to student learning, only one thing makes a big difference: dedicated 1-to-1 time with a student and their teacher. That’s why we designed our entire school around 1-to-1 instructional time.

Fusion’s 1-to-1 Instruction Improves Student Achievement Scores

  • Fusion Academy student achievement scores grow 33% more in a school year than their peers nationally.¹
  • Fusion Academy student achievement scores in math grow 65% more in a school year than their peers nationally.¹

¹ Based on Fusion students’ year-over-year average MAP growth rate compared to the average MAP growth rate of their national grade-matched peer group.

Third-Party Studies Back Fusion’s 1-to-1 Approach

  • 1-to-1 education is a proven, effective strategy for increasing student learning outcomes (Fryer & Howard-Noveck, 2020).
  • Personalized learning enables students to gain essential skills or concepts from past years that were missed or not fully covered (Zhou, Molfino, & Travers, 2021).
  • Instructional approaches using 1-to-1 learning are particularly effective in supporting a wide range of learners, including students who have fallen behind academically (Nickow, Oreopoulos, & Quan, 2020; Robinson, Kraft, Loeb, & Schueler, 2021).
  • 1-to-1 education during the school day leads to greater learning gains than after-school or summer interventions (Nickow, Oreopoulos, & Quan, 2020).
  • Personalized learning enables students to progress two to three times faster than their peers academically (Robinson, Kraft, Loeb, & Schueler, 2021).

What Our Parents Say About Personalized Learning

“Having the 1-1 student to teacher ratio has elevated his confidence in himself. He doesn’t have to worry about asking a question in front of a classroom full of peers. The teachers have found his educational strengths and encouraged learning to suit those strengths. They are meeting him where he’s at, being extremely supportive along the way.”

- Fusion Plano Parent

“The 1:1 personalized teaching experience and more supportive environment is working very well for our daughter and learning is fun again! I would highly recommend Fusion Academy.”

- John L., Fusion Parent

“From the 1:1 learning, the teachers have been able to engage my son in a way he didn’t think he was capable of doing. We have been so pleased with the staff, daily progress reports and true hands-on experience. So excited for this year and see what my son can achieve.”

- Carolyn D., Fusion Parent

“The personalized education, curriculum, and 1:1 teacher/student ratio is top notch. The staff meets the students where they are and help to develop independence and self-esteem while challenging the student academically. This is a place where students learn how to become successful young adults. ”

- Amy R., Fusion Parent

“The school's dedicated, energetic teachers customize lesson plans to accommodate each student's aptitudes and personal needs, working one-on-one to ensure they feel seen and heard, which contributes to their growing social confidence, awareness, and empathy among their peers.”

- Todd P., Fusion Parent

“Fusion Academy had to be the best investment we have ever made for our daughter. The format of one on one teaching has made learning fun again for our daughter.”

- Chad B., Fusion Parent

The World’s Most Personalized School

In Fusion’s 1-to-1 classes, our teacher/mentors first get to know their students and then personalize course content to their interests for fully engaged learning. Our students go from being disinterested in a subject to wanting to pursue a career in that field.

1-to-1 classes also allow for more flexibility. We’ll work with your family to create a schedule that fits your busy life. Students can start any time of year, even mid-semester.

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