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Meet Fusion Global Academy

Fusion Global Academy brings the high-quality one-to-one education of Fusion Academy to the virtual learning space. Available to students around the world, Fusion Global Academy is a truly unique way to learn online. Fusion Global Academy is a fully-accredited private school for students in grades 6-12 with one-to-one classes that are fully virtual. Students and teachers interact in real-time and there is a Global Homework Café for students to complete homework, similar to a Fusion campus. We offer a thriving global community with social opportunities, events, clubs, meetups, and more.

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One-to-one Learning, Simultaneous and Online

At other online schools, the student-to-teacher ratio is up to 125 students for every one teacher. At Fusion Global Academy, classes are one-to-one: one student and one teacher per virtual classroom. Pairing a student with a single teacher for each class allows us to put the student at the core of every class, providing them with one-on-one attention, guidance, and personalized instruction. Teachers customize content for student strengths, interests, and learning preferences.  In this space, teachers also build positive, mentoring relationships with their students.

Program Offerings

Full-Time Online
Middle/High School

Fusion Global Academy is an accredited private middle and high school. Students who attend full-time and meet or exceed graduation requirements will receive a high school diploma. We offer classes at multiple levels including Honors. AP and NCAA-approved classes are also available.

Schedules at Fusion Global Academy are flexible and customized to work around your student’s life. Student-athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, and more love the flexibility to pursue passions outside of school.

We will work with you and your student to build a program and schedule that works best.

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Online Classes for Credit

Students can take a single class for credit to remediate, accelerate, or supplement their learning. We offer over 250 middle and high school classes all offered in a one-to-one virtual classroom. Core and elective classes are available.

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Online Tutoring:
A Personalized Experience

Just like our classes, all tutoring is live and one-to-one with a teacher. Because our teachers are our tutors, you know you are getting a subject matter expert who is passionate about the curriculum. In the one-to-one environment, teachers can take complex subjects and break them down in a personalized way so each individual student understands and stays engaged.

Scheduling is flexible so students can supplement their learning with tutoring at Fusion Global Academy outside of regular school hours. We offer tutoring in all core and elective subjects and can create customized tutoring packages based on whatever your student needs.

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Online Post-Secondary
Counseling & ACT/SAT Prep

Planning for life after high school can be stressful for the whole family. Our counselors genuinely get to know each student and customize a plan for success that will see them grow into happy, healthy, and thriving adults, whatever their post-secondary plans are. Fusion Global Academy offers the flexibility to meet with a Post-Secondary Counselor virtually at a time that works best for you.

Looking for help with a big test? Our one-to-one mentoring and proven strategies to overcome test anxiety are game-changers for success. Our customized prep program ensures that each student can focus on the most strategic areas of the test. The ACT/SAT preparation program schedule can be built and customized to the needs of your student.

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Global Community

Homework Support

In our Global Homework Café, students can complete any coursework they received that day, taking the stress out of family evenings. We offer 10 unique breakout rooms so students can get the focused support they need. Our Student Life staff are present to supervise, check in with students, and provide help as needed.

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Socialization: Clubs,
Groups, & Events

When students are done with their homework, socializing can begin! There are dedicated spaces in the Global Homework Café for students to connect with one another.

Social Homework Café

A social landing space where students can interact and socialize with peers from across the world while they work on homework.

Community Event Space

This space is open when special events are happening. It’s also where our Student Life Orientation meets, guest speakers present, and parent events are hosted.

Everything we do at Fusion Global Academy is personalized. This includes our clubs, groups, and social events. Clubs and groups are formed based on student interests, and a student can suggest a new club at any time. Student events are planned by our Student Life team and are focused on social-emotional learning themes. We also offer events for parents and families, who we call our Global Guardians.

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Looking for a hybrid
or in-person experience?

Fusion Academy has campuses nationwide if your child is also looking for an in-person or hybrid learning experience.

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