Fusion Academy’s Personalized Learning Helps Students with Anxiety

Anxiety can influence classroom performance just as much as any learning difference. In Fusion Academy’s one-to-one classrooms, students can better manage social and school anxiety. Teachers also act as mentors to support students emotionally and socially as well as academically.

Designated Help for Your Student with Anxiety

Our teaching philosophy is love, motivate, teach. In our one-to-one classrooms, our teachers first get to know students and build a foundation of trust before learning begins. This process reassures students with anxiety that they are seen and heard and that their classroom is a safe space. Teachers act as mentors and can check in with students to see how they are doing throughout class and throughout their school day.

Our smaller school environment doesn’t have the same pressures as larger public or private schools, and in a classroom of one, students don’t have to fear asking questions or standing out in class. In our social-emotional learning programming, students learn to better articulate their feelings and are then able to better advocate for their needs.

Middle School and High School Enrollment Options

Fusion Academy offers both middle school and high school courses for students with anxiety. At Fusion we understand how anxiety affects learning and we have developed strategies for middle and high school students. Students can also have either full time or part time schedules at Fusion Academy.

“Our son’s attitude towards school has completed changed since enrolling in Fusion. After years of anxiety about school including in the classroom, our son feels comfortable at Fusion which has allowed him to thrive academically. His confidence has skyrocketed and he is proud of his academic accomplishments. The classes are taught at his pace and he feels at ease asking questions and engaging in dialogue with his teachers about the subject matter.

Having his homework completed while he is at school is a huge bonus and gives us peace at home- gone are the nights of fighting over homework. The staff and teachers are all helpful, attentive and kind. We really appreciate the depth and quality of the daily feedback, which summarizes the content covered in class as well as his general attitude at school. The teachers truly care about the kids and help foster their individual strengths while attending to their challenges.”

Kerri Assell, Fusion Academy Denver Parent

“I cannot speak highly enough of the Fusion Academy. My 16-year old daughter was struggling with anxiety, poor grades and lack of teacher attention at our large public high school. Since I made the decision to move her to the Fusion Academy, the change has been unbelievable. Her mood is so much more upbeat, her grades have improved and she absolutely loves the one-on-one teaching. More importantly, I can see her self-confidence growing by the day. I would really recommend Fusion to any parent who is worried about their child's performance in school.”

Debra Perry, Fusion Academy Rockville Parent

Student Success Stories

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