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A Fully-Engaged 1:1 Classroom

As the world’s most personalized school, we can help your middle or high school student rediscover their love of learning. With one student and one teacher per classroom, the entire school journey is individualized for your child. We’re ready to customize a full-time or a supplemental part-time program that works best for your child and family.

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Entirely Personalized: Socially, Emotionally, and Academically

In a one-to-one classroom, the teacher truly gets to know the student and personalizes course material to their strengths, interests, and learning style. We see student engagement and interest in learning soar when students feel seen, heard, and known. Outside the classroom, we’re able to support social growth in the Homework Café and through clubs, student meetings, field trips, and more.

How We Personalize

Customized Program

No matter what you’re looking for, Fusion Academy is ready to customize a program that works best for your child.

Enroll Full-Time

We're a fully-accredited middle and high school and can accept students at any point in the year for full-time enrollment.

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Take a Class

We offer over 250 courses, all taught one-to-one and completely personalized for student strengths, interests, and learning style.

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Supplement Your Learning

You can stay with your current school and still utilize our tutoring, college counseling, ACT/SAT test prep, homework support, and more.

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Fusion Academy is a fully accredited academic institution.

Fusion Academy campuses are accredited nationally and regionally. This rigorous process ensures each of our campuses meets standards of educational quality, set by the accrediting organizations. Accreditation provides the assurance that students will receive reciprocity of courses and credits. Colleges and universities worldwide recognize the Fusion transcript.

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Student Success is More Than Grades

We survey students when they start with us and then after attending Fusion for three months. See our student growth academically, socially, and emotionally:

Academic Support

Getting the academic support they need to be successful.

Social Connection

Felt they were respected by other students.

Emotional Support

Felt they were receiving the emotional support they needed.

Hear Directly From Our Families

We have served thousands of happy families at over 80 campuses across the country. Below are reviews directly from current and past Fusion families in Trustpilot, and testimonials given to us by our students.

“We have had two high schoolers at Fusion, and it has been exactly what they needed: challenging academically, socially-emotionally a fit, and hugely supportive to our teens and us as parents. A saving grace for our teens who needed smaller, more personalized school experiences. Our son was well-prepared for his transition to college and our daughter who is a current high school junior is once again excited about her future!”

- Abigayle S., Fusion Parent

“Fusion was instrumental in getting my teenage daughter re-engaged with school after a challenging first semester in her high school. As my daughter put it, "Fusion builds classes around your life." Fusion quickly and expertly put together a class schedule that met my daughter where she was during a challenging stage in her life. I believe that the Fusion model attracts teachers who are passionate about their profession and about teaching kids.”

- Melayne Packer, Fusion Parent

“The way this school has poured into our daughter in all aspects of learning and self-confidence has been incredible. She loves going to school now and regularly tells us with excitement about what she is learning or how she can’t wait for the next class! Not only is this a massive academic change, her overall happiness and the pure joy she had when younger have returned. Thank you, Fusion.”

- Fusion Parent

“Fusion Academy is by far the best school I have attended. Fusion makes learning enjoyable and fun! I haven't always been a ‘school person’ but Fusion makes it so that I can learn and understand by tending to my specific learning needs. No matter if you are a hands-on, visual, or an auditory learner, Fusion has made it their mission to help me reach my educational goals. The teachers understand and love you as if you were their own children.”

- Ajanay L., Fusion Student

“Fusion Academy has changed my personal experience of school socially and academically. I have progressed in every aspect academically and have developed a plan for my future ever since I transferred to Fusion. The courses offered at Fusion are fit for every student and the teachers here make the curriculum more fun and really give students a knack for learning. ”

- Josh B., Fusion Student

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