Student Life at Fusion Academy

What does life on campus look like for a Fusion student? Our 60+ campuses are all unique, but all have a similar feel. They’re customized with student art and teachers add their personality to their classrooms.

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Fusion class schedules are similar to that of colleges: classes are held Monday/Wednesday, and Tuesday/Thursday, with Fridays being mastery days.

Some states have different requirements that mandate classes on Fridays, and we offer Fusion Forums on those days. Click here to learn more.

Each and every student’s schedule is customized to them, but below are some example student schedules:

We know some students thrive in the mornings, while others find it a struggle to get moving in the earlier hours.

Some of our students have important pursuits outside of school and they need a more flexible schedule. With classes being one-to-one, they don’t happen without the student! Classes can start at a time that works best for the student, based on teacher availability.

In our Fusion Student Handbook, we ask that students dress respectfully for school.

We don’t have uniforms and there’s no short or skirt length requirements. We do also state, however, that if students aren’t dressed appropriately, according to Fusion staff, they will be spoken to by administrator or teacher. This allows our team to respond to student attire with a mentoring approach, instead of a judgmental or shame-based way students may have experienced in other school environments.

Our Dress Code is simplistic by design. We know our students are in a time of their lives where they are claiming their identity and independence, and we want to create a safe space for them to do so, with the opportunity for guidance through our relationships-based, mentoring approach.

Each campus has their own unique clubs, field trips, and student events.

Many clubs are student-driven based on interest and all students are able to participate. For a full list of student events, click here to find your nearest campus and view their school calendar.

Now that you know more about what student life is like on campus, click here to learn more about our students

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