Our Partnership With You

At Fusion Academy we collaborate with our community professionals to ensure our middle and
high school students have the best educational experience academically, socially, and emotionally.

A Nationwide Community

Fusion Academy is connected with over 4,000 community professionals nationwide. This includes clinical professionals,
educational consultants, leaders from other schools, medical professionals, and more. All play a pivotal role in creating the support
community for our student and family success.

Client Referrals

When our partners have a student who they think would be a good fit for Fusion, they refer those students to us. This happens by contacting the campus and making the connection between our Director of Outreach and the family.

This referral could be for our full-time academy, a single class for credit, tutoring, or any of our other part-time options. We also offer a summer program.

Our Students

After you’ve made the referral and the entire team (Fusion leadership, the family, the student, and you) all agree this will be the right school fit, the family registers their student. We will then set up their personalized education based on testing, mutually agreed-upon goals, and interests. Click here to see why and how we personalize education.

With family approval, we keep you updated on the student’s progress, and you share updates with us you feel are important for the student’s success in and outside the classroom. We may also ask for your advice about a student, creating a full support team for the child and family.


"As a consultant who works with families to find the right schooling fit for their unique kids, I'm grateful that Fusion Academy offers such remarkable flexibility and individualization. I think of Fusion as a problem solver. Whether their teens have unusual schedules or academic needs because of extracurricular demands, health issues, or other circumstances, families looking for accredited coursework and one-on-one attention from experienced and talented instructors will find solutions at Fusion."

– Teri Sperry, Educational Consultant, Alt Ed Austin

“I love Fusion! The unique learning environment is just what some students need to learn. Time and time again, I have experienced the warmth, clarity and positivity that emanates from their campuses. Fusion not only welcomes the students who need out of the box thinking but the entire community surrounding that student. I am so grateful to work side by side Fusion!!!”

– Dr. Marcie Beigel, Behavior Specialist, Brooklyn, NY

“Working with Fusion has allowed a unique and wonderful experience for my clients as well as myself. The philosophy and practical application allows for mental health to be address in a collaborative way. The care and compassion from the staff is amazing.”

– Dr. Geoff Nugent, LMFT, Owner, Creator, and Professional Clinical Counselor of
Nugent Family Counseling Center Inc., San Jose, CA

Connecting with us

Ready to learn more or refer a student?

Use the form below to get connected with your local campus. Once you fill out the form, the Director of Outreach will get in contact with you to learn more about you and/or the family you’d like to refer.

If you haven’t yet joined us on campus, we’d love to show you around! There’s really nothing like visiting a Fusion Academy school. Use the same form and ask us about a private tour, or click here to find your nearest campus and visit their website to view upcoming campus events.

  • By filling out this form, I consent to being contacted by a Fusion Academy representative via phone, email, or text with information about the school(s). Calls may be recorded for quality assurance.