Academics for Part-Time Students

Beyond our full-time academy, we offer part-time programs for middle and high school students to supplement their education. Each offering you see below is completely personalized for every individual student. Fusion is also open past traditional school hours, so students can take advantage of the options below while still attending their current school.

An Education Built for Your Child

There are over 250 course options for middle and high school students to build a path to their future. All courses are one-to-one (one student and one teacher per classroom) and personalized for the student’s strengths, interests, and learning style. Students may take a single class for credit to catch up, remediate, or get ahead in their education.

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Completely Customized Tutoring with Knowledgeable Teachers/Mentors

Some subjects don’t come easily and can become a barrier to moving forward — academically and emotionally. That’s why we offer tutoring across all required subject areas and for many electives as well. The Fusion approach to tutoring mirrors our teaching approach: always one-to-one, with one student and one teacher per classroom for the entire session.

Our tutors are Fusion teachers who have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher and are passionate about the subjects they teach. Our one-to-one approach and emphasis on positive relationships allow our teachers to have a mentoring role in their students’ lives, resulting in not only academic, but social and emotional growth as well.

Supplementing Your In-home Education

Many homeschooling families choose to supplement their curriculum with classes at Fusion. Popular options include Lab Sciences, World Languages, Art, Music, and Math. We can also support with tutoring, test prep, and post-secondary counseling.

Helping Students From One Stage To The Next

Transitioning from one stage of life to another can be exciting and stressful. Let Fusion help you approach the next stage in your academic journey with confidence. Our one-to-one classrooms allow for our teachers to connect and mentor students moving from elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school, high school to college, or college to what’s next. Popular modules include: organization and time management, benefits of exercise and nutrition, public speaking, self-advocacy, leadership skills, stress management, and more.

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