Accelerated Learning in a Personalized Environment

Sylvia was an accelerated learner who needed a school that could keep up with her questions.

Sylvia Tavernise


Fusion Los Gatos

How Long She Attended Fusion

Three years

What she's doing now

Taking a gap year. Sylvia graduated at 15 years old, and wants to take some time before going to college.

Sylvia has always been ahead of her grade level. She and her family wanted an environment that could handle her questions and continue her accelerated learning.

“It's a great school, but more importantly it's one that actually seems to care about the education that the students are receiving, rather than just what the administration is giving.”- Sylvia

One of the first classes Sylvia took was pre-calculus. In past math classes, she hadn't been able to ask questions that were beyond the course material. She had been told "you'll learn that next year" which was frustrating for Sylvia. in Fusion's one-to-one environment, she could ask those questions and have deeper conversations about the course material.

“We're very very proud of her. Her path was less traditional. It's been really successful for her.” –  Sara Tavernise, Sylvia's Mom

Sylvia graduated from Fusion Academy Los Gatos in June of 2019.

“Fusion is the reason that I still like learning...This particular school is why I still care about much of anything.” – Sylvia

92 %

of students say they feel listened to and treated with respect by their teachers, compared to 42% at their previous school.

95 %

of students are confident in their ability to learn course material, compared to 59% at their last school.

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