Finding Your Love of Learning

Maddy didn't enjoy her large school environment where she wasn't an advocate for herself. Now, she has fallen in love with learning again thanks to Fusion's one-to-one environment.

Maddy Tessel


Fusion Miracle Mile

What She's Doing Now

Taking a gap year: studying and volunteering with an EMT in Israel.

Maddy attended the same private school from preschool to eighth grade, and wanted a change. She thought she wanted to go to a public school, but didn't feel that was the right fit for her.

“ We ended up at Fusion because we wanted something that would help her fall back in love with education and learning, and give her some much needed attention.”- Lori Tessel, Maddy's Mom

Academically, Maddy was doing well in her old environments, but socially there was anxiety and she wasn't able to ask questions or advocate for herself. With so many kids in class, it was tough to get the help she needed.

“Every teacher is there to teach you, because you're the only person in the class...It was a sigh of relief, finally I was comfortable” – Maddy

She began to love learning again, and was open to asking questions in class because she "wasn't slowing anyone down." Her teachers and parents saw her confidence grow, and she is described as a "model student."

Maddy graduated from Fusion Academy Miracle Mile in May of 2019. She is taking a gap year in Israel where she will study and also volunteer with an EMT service.

“She recognizes the difference of who she is today vs. who she was two years ago...It's powerful to watch when you see her out in the world” – Lori Tessel, Maddy's Mom

86 %

of students say they feel they are receiving the emotional support they need, compared to 48% at their previous school.

95 %

of students who highly prioritize emotional support feel they are receiving the emotional support they need, compared to 23% at their previous school.

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