Inside Fusion's Radically Better Culture for Teachers


There’s a reason why teachers are leaving the profession at record rates. Many teachers are frustrated with unhealthy work environments, the constant feeling of being taken advantage of, getting bogged down by administrative work, and the barriers in the way of student success. Teaching is tough, and the current system in place doesn’t make it any easier.

At Fusion, we do things differently — for both the students and the teachers.

We take a revolutionary one-on-one teaching approach to help students find success at school. Through individualized, one-on-one education, Fusion teachers help students unlock their potential and find success at school because our teachers can individually incorporate each learner’s interests, learning style, and strengths in each lesson and course. The Fusion model creates and fosters a fun and creative campus environment where teachers can collaborate with and impact their peers as they work together toward the common mission of changing students’ lives.

Our culture is something people notice the minute they walk through the door. It is evident everywhere, from the warm and welcoming design of our campuses, to the music playing in the lobby and the colorful walls decorated with students’ art.

So what is our culture like? And where does it come from? It stems from our EPIC! core values and it’s embodied in the people we hire. It’s also something that helps us achieve our mission of creating a radically different education experience.

Here’s what the Fusion culture is all about:


We’re on a mission to create transformative educational experiences for students. And that doesn’t happen by doing things “the way they’ve always been done.” At Fusion, we embrace new ideas and encourage our teachers to try new methods and to be creative. It’s about owning your teacher experience, building the schedule you want, and taking the initiative to create transformative experiences for your students.


We may have a one-on-one teaching philosophy, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t collaborative. We deeply value collaboration for our students and for our teachers. By joining the Fusion team, you’re entering a community of experienced and passionate teachers. You have access to peers, to mentors, and to a team that works hard to support each other.

“But the biggest benefit of working at Fusion is the community,” says Laura Bertacchini, a former Fusion teacher and current Fusion Recruiter. “Our teachers really bond with each other, and the community is tight-knit.”


Stemming from our collaborative nature comes a culture of empowerment. We want to see each other succeed: this goes for both for our students and our fellow teachers. As a mission-driven and collaborative organization, we believe in supporting teachers with resources, a national education team, necessary materials, and opportunities to differentiate in the classroom.

Plus, we have robust programs to help our teachers grow. Our mentoring program includes year-long onboarding, training and support, leadership opportunities, advanced ongoing professional development, a wide professional resource network, and a gold-standard leadership management system.

We also have a healthy culture of feedback and continuous improvement. Classroom observation sessions are intentionally more like coaching sessions and not like obligatory evaluations. In this way, we continue to increase trust and improve pedagogy. Mentors offer feedback and coaching, which everyone is open to because we all want to improve and be the best teachers we can be. All of these support systems help all of our teachers grow, become even better at what they do, and take their careers to the next level.


It’s impossible to be completely flexible in a school setting. We have our set schedules that students and teachers adhere to, but a “flexibility mindset” is really important for our teachers. Our teachers are here to work with students and create individualized plans for them. And sometimes, the plan has to change. Not every day is perfect, but our teachers have a great ability to adjust when needed, change things up, and be flexible with student needs.

All of this has helped create a modern, transformative teaching environment at each campus that starts with supporting and valuing the teachers who create the magical outcomes that parents and students love.

We believe that our students thrive when our teachers thrive. Our one-on-one approach and revolutionary culture isn’t just a win for the students, but it’s also a huge win for the teachers.

If you’re looking for a different kind of teaching experience that is supportive, empowering, and community-driven, explore our open teaching opportunities and apply now.

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