Teaching Made Human: A Day In The Life of a Fusion Teacher

By Laura Bertacchini

You can feel the difference at Fusion Academy as soon as you walk in the door. 

The campus is so bright and inviting, and there’s this sense of warmth. Music plays in the lobby and you’re greeted by kind staff. It’s a welcoming environment, making it a place where you enjoy being.

Making school a place where kids enjoy being is at the heart of Fusion’s mission. Fusion is also a place where teachers want to be, too. 

I was a teacher at a different school before making the switch to Fusion Academy. My friend and former colleague was the Head of School at Fusion Academy Raleigh, and the more I learned about it, the more I wanted to be a part of that mission. 

Fusion Academy’s Mission: Guided by a fundamental belief in the immense potential within every person, our mission is to help each student flourish – emotionally, socially, and academically – through positive, mentoring relationships and a personalized education experience.

I jumped on board and began teaching at Fusion. Since joining, I have now moved into the recruiting team to help more teachers experience the joys of teaching again. 

Here’s how we do things differently.

The Schedule

Fusion classes are one-to-one: one student and one teacher. With this kind of environment, working at Fusion comes with some flexibility. Teachers do have a set schedule, but they also have the freedom to run to the bathroom or take an important call without worrying about getting classroom coverage. 

The rhythm is so different than any other school I’ve been in; it really allows you to be more human as a teacher.

Due to our classes being so individualized, you’re able to cover more material with your student in a shorter period of time. Student schedules are customized to them and each individual course runs for about 3 months. In your 30-hour full-time week you’ll have between 12-20 different students. 

I found this day-to-day rhythm to be a lot less draining and I could actually focus on my students rather than managing a classroom.

The Students

Teaching one student at a time might be a little awkward at first, but once you break the ice, it’s amazing to see how much a student can achieve.

My favorite thing as a humanities teacher was being able to individualize the class. My previous experience teaching was very prescribed. At Fusion, you can really tailor it to your students and their passions.

For example, I had a student who was really passionate about plays, so we focused on a lot of plays in our literature course. You can inspire students and feed their curiosity. It’s also a great energy to feed off of as a teacher. Plus, this kind of customization also really helps the student engage with what they’re learning and trust their teachers.

Fusion is a place where all kinds of students can thrive. From junior Olympians to kids with anxiety, gifted students to kids with school avoidance, all these students can find a model of teaching that works for them — because it’s built for them. And they become invested in what they’re learning, and they grow to trust their teachers, who become powerful mentors in their lives.

It’s incredible to watch the kids come out of their shells, make friends, and find their sense of belonging at Fusion. They can regain that sense that school can be a fun and positive experience.

The Community

Even with an individualized, one-on-one model, you’re never alone at Fusion. The school works hard to make sure you’re supported and are set up for success. That means always having the resources you need — no more dipping into your personal budget for classroom supplies. Goodbye, Cold War-era desks.

This also means you can get creative with your teaching. If there’s a different kind of lesson plan or resource you want to use to help your students, we’re there to help you get it.

But the biggest benefit of working at Fusion is the community.

When you work at Fusion, you’re part of a collaborative community that cares deeply about the success of our students. You’re able to connect with a colleague in the classroom next door or chat with someone across the country. I never felt like it was all up to me to figure something out. There was always someone I could reach out to.

Each campus is intentionally kept small, which creates space for meaningful connections with your students as well as other teachers, creating a unique bonding experience at Fusion. You get to connect deeply with your students as well as the other teachers. And when our students succeed, we all celebrate these wins together.

There’s a reason why 55% of teachers are thinking about leaving the profession earlier than they had planned. No school is perfect, but at Fusion, we’re revolutionizing learning in a way that places the student back in focus and allows teachers to do what they love most: teach.

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About the Author

Education Recruiter

As an Education Recruiter at Fusion Education Group, I leverage my background in teaching, psychology, and counseling to help heads of schools across the country find amazing teachers for our exceptional Fusion campuses. I have over five years of experience in the education sector, where I taught English, literature, and psychology to students of different ages and levels.

I am passionate about creating content, engaging with candidates, and sourcing talent that matches the unique needs and culture of each school. I also enjoy building warm and caring relationships with my students, colleagues, and clients, and working collaboratively as part of an amazing team of educators and recruiters. My goal is to use my skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on the lives of learners and educators alike.