Unlocking Potential Since Day One

It all started in 1989 when Michelle Rose Gilman refused to let a pair of locked doors hold students back. 

She had been working at a therapeutic center for teens, and when she arrived to find the doors locked at the center, she took the kids back to her house and tutored them there. Soon, more students wanted to be tutored by Michelle, so she got her tutoring program fully accredited, and Fusion Academy was born. 

Sixteen years later, Peter Ruppert, a purpose-driven entrepreneur passionate about individualized education, formed the American Education Group, now called Fusion Education Group, with home base offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Today, Fusion has over 80 campuses around the country and virtual programs around the world, helping students unlock their potential, one child at a time.

The Power of One

Just as Michelle refused to let a locked door hold back the success of her students, teachers at Fusion are determined to help students thrive.

Many of our teachers know the ins and outs of the traditional education system—and they know its successes and failures. As hard as the traditional education system tries, it often fails to address the individual needs of each student. Teachers and ancillary staff can create Individualized Education Plans, but they often face barriers like budget constraints or admin approvals.

A one-on-one teaching approach does things differently.

Like a personal trainer understanding your specific health needs and tailoring a program exactly to you, Fusion Academy offers a one-on-one model that is specifically created for the student. For the teachers, that means fewer papers to grade, less time spent managing classroom behavior, and more time doing what you love most: teaching.

We know that most teachers are in the profession because they love connecting with students and helping them learn. They live for the light-bulb moments and want a space where students can be themselves and grow.

At Fusion, we believe this all starts with love and connection. Students can’t be meaningfully educated if they are not loved and motivated first.

Because of the one-on-one setting, our teachers can make real connections with their students that grow into meaningful relationships. Our community fully embraces our students, and from there, our students grow to trust their teachers, and they look forward to coming to school the next day. 

That’s why so many kids thrive here: from junior Olympians to actors, kids with depression to adopted kids, kids with school avoidance, or gifted students who need an accelerated track. It’s a first-choice school for so many because it’s exactly what the student needs to thrive. 

We’ve come a long way since our days in Michelle’s house. But it’s still just the beginning of what we can do.

Globally, Fusion stretches across 14 time zones in over 30 countries. We’re expanding our services across the world and our brick-and-mortar campuses. We’re hiring teachers to help meet demand and provide a great teaching experience for top educators.

If you’re interested in teaching in a way that is tailored to students and unlocks their potential, you’ve found the right place.

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