Our Approach to Academics

At Fusion Academy, our teachers are guided by the methodology of Love, Motivate, Teach. After learning about who our students are, we personalize each course curriculum to build on their strengths.

All Fusion Academy courses are taught by subject experts. Our instructors identify learning preferences and adapt their approach for each student.

  • One-to-one learning: One student and one teacher per classroom
  • Personalized classes and schedules
  • Adaptive teaching styles
  • Homework Café®

Core Curriculum Courses

We offer core courses for middle and high school students in English, Math, Science, History, Social Studies, Health & Wellness, Visual & Performing Arts, and World Languages. Courses can be taken at essential and college prep levels and many courses have honors levels available.

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Elective Courses

We offer electives in art, music, technology, and more. If your middle or high school child is looking to fulfill elective credits while exploring something they’re passionate about, we have many unique choices for them.

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The Fusion Homework Café

Instead of taking it home, coursework can be completed on campus in our Homework Café®. There are two spaces to do homework on campus, one social and one quiet, both of which are monitored by a teacher who is available to provide support and mentorship. The social space is also where clubs meet, student meetings are held, and where students can interact with their peers between classes. Socialization happens where it should: outside the classroom. The quiet space is a more focused environment for students who want to complete coursework in a quiet environment.

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