Emily Russell




Emily Russell went to Old Dominion University in Virginia for her undergraduate degree, and studied Applied Experimental Psychology. Her minor was in dance performance, with specific passions in ballet and modern dance. She focused on Human Cognition and Creativity, which simply means that she studied the way people get "unstuck" when trying to solve difficult problems, and how human behaviors & the brain function to make this "unstuck-ness" happen. Emily then went to The University of Chicago for her masters degree in Cognitive Neuroscience, where she studied vision and how individual brains process information differently when they are motivated to process things differently (aka visual bias & motivation).


In the past, Emily has focused on visual cognitive neuroscience through graduate school and a research job at Boston University. Prior to finding neuroscience, she studied recreational therapy and worked with people of all ages, on many spectrums.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Loves mountain top views after a good hike (bonus if it is after backpacking).
  • Enjoys going to the public library to use their serger and laser etching machines
  • Noah Kahan