Hannah Parkins

Director of Homework Cafe

Hannah is delighted to be the Director of Homework Café at Fusion Los Gatos. She has taught students of many ages, from third graders to freshman in college. Hannah earned dual bachelor’s degrees in creative writing and French horn performance from Oberlin College and Conservatory. She began her teaching career in a third-grade classroom at Hillbrook and went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from Mills. She teaches weekly French horn lessons, much to her cat’s chagrin (Hannah believes cats may have an aversion to brass instruments like water).


Hannah is a Pacific Northwesterner and loves getting outdoors whenever possible to reflect and recharge. A fun fact about Hannah: she grew up with a turtle named Myrtle that she would feed strawberries and take for walks in the neighborhood. Myrtle turned out to be a tortoise but that’s ok. She kept the name.

Hannah is thrilled to be Director of Homework Café and get to know each student. She hopes each student will experience the space as joyful, creative, and collaborative.