Customized Education Means Customized Tuition

Every Fusion student’s education is personalized, which makes tuition unique for each student. We customize pricing based on each student’s education plan. Whether your child needs a new full-time school, supplemental classes for credit, or tutoring, we’re ready to build a program to meet their educational goals.

Total tuition is calculated on a per-course basis and will depend on the specific classes your student chooses to take at Fusion. You’ll find some tuition examples below, but we’d love to connect with you to determine which courses are best for your child and to help you customize your education.

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Customized Scheduling

Classes at Fusion are one-to-one: one student and one teacher. This model allows us to customize each student’s schedule. Depending on your student’s goals and needs, they may take between 4 and 6 courses per term if attending full time. Students also have the option of signing up for group learning as well.

To meet each student where they are academically, we offer courses at Workshop, College Prep, Honors, and AP levels. Each course is designed to meet state standards and the student must meet mastery level before moving on. If it takes longer for the student to achieve this, additional class sessions may be required.

Joining Fusion Full-Time

Full-time students, on average, take between 4-6 classes per term. A typical student can meet graduation requirements in four years of high school with 12 classes per year, but we often see families elect to take 15 classes per year so students can explore interests including art, creative writing, technology, or other electives. We will work with your family to create the class load that works best for your student to achieve their goals.

Cost for each class covers equal time in class and in Guided Study. Honors, AP, and extended courses have additional costs. We also offer small group learning classes for a discounted rate. For specific pricing, see the part-time and supplemental table below.

Classes (per term)
Tuition (per class, per term)
Middle School
4 - 6
High School
4 - 6

Scroll the table to the right for additional tuition information.

*A registration fee of $1,500 is required for full-time students.

Part-Time and Supplemental Academic Services

Fusion offers one-to-one classes for credit, tutoring, and college-counseling services to students attending Fusion and also attending other schools. We have over 200 individual courses that students can take as tutoring or for credit to get ahead, remediate a subject, or take something not offered at their current school. Students who attend other schools may take particular courses for credit with Fusion and transfer credit back to their home school (with standard approval from the home school).

Academic Services
Number of Sessions
Class for Credit
Class for Credit - Small Group
Class for Credit - Honors
Class for Credit - AP
$105 per session
Tutoring Package
$90 per session
Post-Secondary Counseling
$140 per session

A registration fee of $200 is required for part-time students.
*Science classes also require an additional 5 sessions for on-campus labs.
Middle School classes require an additional 3 sessions.

Payment Options

Private education is an investment, so we offer different options to pay your student’s tuition. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please connect with us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Pay In Full

If you choose this option, we can offer a 2% discount when paid by check or automatic withdrawal (ACH).

Payment Plans

If you’re not able to pay in full, we can create a payment plan that works best for your family.


We partner with Your Tuition Solution who provides flexible payment plans. Click HERE to learn more.

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