Strength & Understanding

When his previous school wasn’t supporting him and the way he learned, Oliver and his family found the solution at Fusion.

By Oliver Beglinger


Fusion Miracle Mile

What He's Doing Now

Studying business and finance at the University of Arizona.

When Oliver’s previous school wasn’t able to accommodate for his dyslexia, he and his family
knew they had to find a different solution.

Oliver was the very first student at Fusion Academy Miracle Mile when it opened in 2014.

In the one-to-one environment, teachers were able to learn his strengths and weaknesses and teach in a way he understood. They also took on a mentoring role in his life and helped him through tough times.

“Fusion stepped in and took the burden off of me,” said Oliver’s mom, Elizabeth.

“They helped me gain a better understanding of myself,” said Oliver.

He persevered through high school and graduated from Fusion Academy Miracle Mile in May of

Oliver is now studying business and finance at the University of Arizona.

“He’s kind of an entrepreneur. I used to laugh saying that Oliver, he could barely read, but we were all going to be working for him one day” – Elizabeth Aquino, Oliver’s mom

“He was also the first seventh grade who wasn’t playing Minecraft, instead he was reading Forbes Magazine to see how much the creator of Minecraft made that year.” – Vosgan Mekhitarian, Head of School at Fusion South Bay

“You have a better relationship with the teachers. They really get to know you because it is one on one which is nice because they learn your strengths and things to help you with your weaknesses.” – Oliver Beglinger, Fusion Graduate

95 %

of students say they are getting the academic support they need to be successful at Fusion, compared to 47% before.

59 %

increase, within three months of enrolling, in the number of students who feel they're treated with quite a bit or a great deal of respect by their school peers at Fusion compared to their previous school.

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