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Exploring Your Child's Incredible Potential

Every child deserves to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Students achieve success for their whole self through a completely personalized educational experience, centered in our one-to-one approach: one student and one teacher per classroom.

91 %

of students feel listened to & treated with respect by their teachers after 3 months at Fusion, compared to 40% before.

85 %

of all Fusion students tell us they are proud of the work they do at Fusion.

80 %

of students say they can motivate themselves to complete unpleasant tasks that help them accomplish their goals.

84 %

of all students feel quite or completely safe from bullying at Fusion.

38 %

drop in family conflict over school-based disciplinary issues.

89 %

of all Fusion students say they have engaged in activities that mattered to them in the past month.

95 %

of students feel they’re getting the academic support they need after 3 months at Fusion.

59 %

drop in family conflict over grades after attending Fusion.

85 %

of parents report their child is more successful academically since attending Fusion.

A Fully-Engaged, One-to-One Classroom Experience

Our teacher-mentors meet their students where they are and seek first to understand their unique strengths, interests, and learning style. Once trust is established, they are able to personalize course material and their teaching style so students truly master the subject matter. Students can move at their own pace, whether accelerated or with additional support in our one-to-one classrooms.

See How We Personalize Education

Over 250 courses available – all personalized for your student.

Fusion offers core classes and unique electives for our middle and high school students. All courses meet or exceed state standards, and are customized in our one-to-one classrooms for the strengths, interests, and learning style of every individual student.

Each year more courses are added by our team of curriculum writers. Click below to see our 2020 Course Catalog and all the unique offerings we have.

View Fusion’s Entire Course Catalog

Your Connections at Fusion Academy Tysons

Bryce McClendonDirector of First Impressions
Bridget BerryAdmissions Coordinator
Joe CasamassimaHead of School

“You will talk to me first if you call or visit our campus. I strive to provide a warm and welcoming environment for our students, families, and staff. ”

“I’m here to help you with any questions you have about Fusion, or your school search in general. We’ll talk a little bit about your story and find out if Fusion could be the right fit.”

“When you visit campus we will talk more in-depth about your story. I’ll show you around campus so you can see what Fusion would look like for your child and family.”

Fusion’s impact across the country


Our teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach, and also act as mentors for their students.


Have attended Fusion


Lives are being changed in campuses across the United States

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A student’s day on campus

Sign InStudents will start their day by signing in and saying hello to the Director of First Impressions (DFI).
MusicYour child can harness their craft or drop their first album…..in class for credit.
MathWhether your child loathes math or loves it, our teachers make learning fun.
LunchSynchronize your watches for 12:30pm: everyone on campus eats lunch at the same time.
Art ClassPaint, photography, charcoal, mixed-media…the possibilities are endless.
EnglishTo be or not to be…are there any questions?

Each student’s schedule is completely customized, including when they start their school day. Some students prefer mornings, while others are more focused in the afternoon. If they’re taking a class for credit, the student may join us after they’ve finished their day at another school.

With professional-grade equipment and instruments-a-plenty, our students explore their musical talents in our state-of-the-art music studio. Whether they want to be in front of the mic, behind the drums, or mixing the recordings, they can do it here.

Our teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach and find creative ways to teach tough concepts. In a math classroom you won’t just find protractors and calculators, but real-world applications and maybe some Spiderman fractions.

If the student has off-campus privileges they may venture out for lunch with friends. Others order in, or brown bag it, and you’ll usually find them in the social homework café. Some days there are student meetings or scheduled activities, but you’ll always find something happening.

Art allows students to explore their creativity and also learn healthy ways of expressing emotion. Each campus has a multi-media studio space with endless artistic possibilities.

Students don’t have to raise their hand or feel silly asking questions because it’s just them and their teacher. Our English teachers can assign reading based on students’ interests, which helps engage students who may not usually enjoy cracking open a book.

Fusion students are prepared for life after high school,

including being accepted to multiple colleges and universities:

Success after Fusion

While success is defined differently for each individual, one thing is true for all Fusion students: our goal is to help them discover and pursue their own unique path.

94 %

of Fusion students are confident in their ability to learn course material.

89 %

of students are currently pursuing a goal that is important to them.

200 +

unique college acceptances across all Fusion campuses.