Mary Beth Ciccone

Mary Beth joined the Fusion Newton faculty in September 2018 having taught at our Morristown, NJ campus since March 2014. In addition to her teaching responsibilities in the Social Sciences and Latin, Mary Beth served as Life Skills Lead throughout her tenure in Morristown, and as History Department Head from September 2017 until making the move to Massachusetts last year.

Mary Beth works closely with graduating seniors to provide the requisite skills for the transition to college, work and beyond. Testing plans, college essay editing, and Common App submissions are all pieces that Mary Beth supports in her work. She works successfully with upperclassmen to explore post-secondary options and to apply to the programs that most align with their goals. Post-secondary Counseling has become an important focus for Mary Beth as she supports the impressive growth of our company.

Holding a BA in History from Georgetown and a MA in European History from Seton Hall, Mary Beth also had the opportunity to serve as the Chairperson of the Georgetown University Alumni Admissions Program in southern New Jersey.

Mary Beth enjoys cultivating a spirit of creativity and helping students to build a network for the future.

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