Finding Himself Again

Austin’s grades slipped in 10th grade and he was miserable. His family was panicking, but then they found Fusion.

By Austin Boyd


Fusion Miracle Mile

What He's Doing Now

Graduating in December 2019

When Austin’s grades were suffering and he was miserable, his family was in a panic. When they were trying to find a place where he would learn best, they found Fusion.

He says his year and a half at Fusion have been awesome. Even his toughest subject, math, he’s been able to retain the information and understand thanks to the one-to-one environment.

Austin feels like he can be himself, and he compares the community to family.

Now, Austin feels smart and is on track to graduate in December of 2019.

“No parent wants to feel the constant struggle against school…[Fusion] has been the answer
that we were looking for that we didn’t even know existed.” – Catt Sadler, Austin’s mom.

“I am very grateful for Fusion. I feel like they have awakened me in a way. I’ve realized I am, I guess, smarter than I was. I used to think down on myself, but once I started getting the drift here, I didn’t really feel down on myself.” - Austin

95 %

of students say they are getting the academic support they need to be successful at Fusion, compared to 47% before.

59 %

increase, within three months of enrolling, in the number of students who feel they're treated with quite a bit or a great deal of respect by their school peers at Fusion compared to their previous school.

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