Sutinder Dhanjal


Sutinder is an aerospace engineer who retired last year from Lockheed Martin, where he had a long career culminating as manager of the Spaceflight Antenna Design Group.

His team of electrical and mechanical engineers was responsible for design, fabrication, test and integration of several satellite payload antenna designs. These included antennas for GPS, GOES (weather satellite), dozens of commercial satellite programs, including special programs for NASA and direct broadcast satellite companies.  Some of Sutinder’s patented antennas are currently in orbit around the Earth.

He enjoys tutoring high school students in physics and mathematics, and especially likes to see his students succeed. He has a Bachelor of Science in Physics, a Master of Science in Electronics from the University of London and a Masters in Business Administration from Monmouth University.

His wife, Nirpal, has a Masters in Microbiology and works in the pharmaceutical industry.  Their two sons earned degrees in mechanical engineering and computer science, respectively, and are now working professionals.  In his spare time Sutinder does volunteer work for the local community, likes to paint, is an amateur astronomer (builds telescopes), likes the outdoors and enjoys camping.

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