Webinar: Understanding Brain Trauma in Children to Help Them Thrive in School and Life

One in four children who have suffered a minor head injury are likely to suffer from chronic post-concussion syndrome, according to a recent study. Fusion Academy hosted a webinar for Neurologics, intended to help parents gain a better understanding of brain trauma and repair through accurate assessment. Watch to discover if an undiagnosed head injury is keeping your student from reaching their full potential.

Neurologics founder Karen Odell-Barber, MS, CISD and Dallas Hack, MD, MPH, Chairman of the Neurologics Scientific Advisory Board, spoke about the assessment process, treatable cognitive impairments, achieving Peak Performance, and discussed traumatic brain injury (TBI), possible causes, and how trauma manifests in behavioral issues and diminished educational functioning. Attendees were introduced to the Neurologics Brain Mapping and Optimization program, which can help identify and correct various learning differences, as well as repair damage from a concussion, diagnosed or otherwise.

Neurologics also shared success stories and published findings.

This webinar recording is from a presentation in January 2023.


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