Webinar: Understanding Behavior as Communication: How to Support it - Not Control It!

By Carol Dimas, M.S.Ed.


All behavior is a form of communication for children and teens. However, if we feel they are behaving negatively, our typical response is to control or stop it. This stops communication and doesn’t address what’s actually going on and makes things worse.

In the recording below, we talk to learning behavior specialist Carol Dimas. In the webinar she shares her insights about understanding the communications embedded in behavior. You’ll learn productive ways to replace negative behavior while communicating and meeting the child’s underlying needs.

This webinar recording is from a presentation in August of 2021.



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About the Presenter

President & Founder

Educational Advocacy & Consulting

Carol Dimas is an Illinois State-Certified Highly Qualified Teacher in Elementary Education and Special Education K-12. She is a Reading Specialist and Learning Behavior Specialist. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Masters of Science in Special Education.

During her twenty-five-plus years of experience in education, Carol began teaching children with special needs in the public school system. She helped pilot a program that involved a collaboration between the school district and Loyola University Department of Psychiatry to better serve culturally disadvantaged youth in the area of mental health. She was also the chair of the Special Education committee to develop a district-wide Positive Behavior Intervention Program.

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