Webinar: Raising Teens in the Pandemic's Wake


What’s typical, what’s not, and when is it time to worry?

The pandemic brought heightened awareness to teen mental health. Parents are looking for tools to manage the emotional roller coaster of the middle and high school years.

Best-selling author and psychologist Dr. Lisa Damour, Ph.D. helps parents identify the many bumps along the road to raising teens, and how to distinguish what is normal teenage emotional development and what is cause for concern. Dr. Damour also reassures parents that many of the emotional and mental health challenges teens faced through adolescence existed before March of 2020, however, the global pandemic and its myriad of challenges including social isolation exacerbated them.

Fusion Education Group’s Vice President of Education Lynna Martinez hosts Dr. Damour as she walks parents through the emotional development of teens from 6th through 12th grade, and how every school year brings unique challenges.

This webinar recording is from a presentation in September 2022.



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