Webinar: Not all brain maps are equal: Who needs one and why?

What is a Brain Map? You may have encountered “brain maps” in relation to specialized education or behavioral healthcare. While some techniques promise insight into the vastness of the human mind, not all imaging and brain maps are created equal. In this educational discussion, Karen Odell-Barber, MS, CISD, provided an in-depth look into the diagnostic technologies that are making thorough cognitive assessment more convenient and impactful for learning-challenged students and parents alike. Odell-Barber compared and contrasted the current most-popular brain imaging and mapping techniques, describe the stand-alone benefit of each, and how they may or may not be useful in improving educational outcomes for those with attentional issues or learning differences.

In this webinar recording you’ll learn:

  • How advances in brain imaging have contributed to the understanding of the brain’s cognitive functioning (how you think and respond).
  • Appreciate the distinguishing features of brain mapping though quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) and discriminant matching of biomarkers as compared to other brain imaging modalities.
  • Understand who can benefit from brain mapping and what the value of a thorough assessment means in the future of specialized education and behavioral healthcare.
  • Observe the significant impact of qEEG neurometrics and cognitive optimization on the improvement of educational outcomes, mental health symptoms, and maintenance of sobriety.

This webinar recording is from a presentation in March 2023.


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