Webinar: Mental Health 101 - Reducing the Stigma Around Therapy

By Dr. Kirleen Neely and Tom Thelen


In this webinar, Tom Thelen and Dr. Kirleen Neely, co-authors of Mental Health 101 For Teens: The Practical Guide to Mental Health, Self-Esteem, & Emotional Intelligence, bring their academic, clinical, and personal parenting experiences and share the challenges and secrets to raising more resilient kids and teenagers.

You will learn:

  • How to identify two core aspects of mental health and wellbeing
  • How to apply three tools for reducing the stigma around therapy and counseling
  • How to support your mental health journey with “The Boat Metaphor”
  • How to download a free PDF resource: 7 Tools for Reducing Anxiety

This webinar recording is from a presentation in March 2022.


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About the Presenters

CEO of Neely Counseling Center

Dr. Neely is a licensed Professional Counselor and an approved Counselor Supervisor with a private practice in San Antonio, Texas, called the Neely Counseling Center. 

Learn more about Dr. Neely here.

CEO of Reset Schools

Mr. Thelen has spoken at over 800 schools and conferences on the topics of mental health and bullying. He is the CEO of Reset Schools, a nonprofit in Cocoa, Florida.

Learn more about Mr. Thelen here.