Webinar: Building Emotional Resilience - The Impact of Collective Trauma on Student Mental Health & Strategies for Success

By Coryn Nadeau LCAT; ATR-BC; MA


In this webinar, you will learn specific and meaningful social, emotional, and academic strategies to build resiliency in teens (and yourselves) during this unprecedented time. (This webinar was recorded at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Participants will learn about the origins of typical adolescent behaviors and warning signs of trauma. There is also a panel of adolescent behavioral experts who answered questions from attendees:

  • Coryn Nadeau LCAT; ATR-BC; MA- Social- Emotional Program Lead
  • Julie Burke, MA; LPC- Post-Secondary Counselor; Teacher/Mentor
  • Joie Laykoff, MA- Director of Learning & Development
  • Robin Podway, MA; M.Ed- Head of School

    This webinar recording is from a presentation in June 2020.



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    About the Presenter

    Social & Emotional Programs Lead

    Fusion Academy

    Coryn Nadeau is a Licensed and Boards Certified Registered Creative Art Therapist by New York State standard.

    Coryn is the National Social & Emotional Programs Lead at Fusion Academy and works in fostering the learning & development of our schools. In this role, she offers professional development to campuses and leadership coaching around campus SEL programs. She has worked with Fusion for 8 years in different roles including East Coast Learning & Development Coach, Assistant Director, Director of Homework Café, Teacher/Mentor, and specialty curriculum & program design. Coryn has a special passion for innovation, development, coaching, facilitation, and wellness.  Coryn is excited by facilitating colleague and student growth and is an advocate for shifting mindsets in regards to student support, encouraging a more creative and compassionate approach.

    Coryn completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Art Therapy from Goldsmiths University of London and CW Post Long Island University. Before working at Fusion Academy, Coryn worked in various mental health settings as a therapist, specializing with the adolescent population. Coryn leans into a humanistic, positive, and person-centered approach.  Her history also includes building and designing a non-for-profit, movement therapy program for children in NYC District 75 schools. She has consulted with high profile branded companies to create “teen happiness” campaigns and events. Coryn has practiced Creative Arts Therapy in many different countries including Myanmar, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.