To the Teachers...

By Melissa Kersjes

To the teachers who are finishing up classes with beloved students.

To the teachers of seniors that are graduating.

To the teachers who feel isolated and miss their students and peers.

To the teachers who are going above and beyond.

To the teachers for whom campus was a safe and happy place for them.

To the teachers who miss their classroom.

To the teachers who are tired.

To the teachers who are innovating and bringing creative solutions.

To the teachers who show up day after day after day.

To the teachers who are changing the lives of students and their families.

We see you. We love you. We appreciate you.

Though it may not be the teacher appreciation week we dreamed of or planned, our hope is that you feel appreciated.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

About the Author

Storyteller & Content Writer

Melissa Kersjes is Fusion Academy’s Storyteller & Content Writer. Along with writing and editing any of Fusion’s content needs, she writes, curates, and edits content for the Fusion Mosaic Journal (what you’re reading now!). She has been at Fusion for over five years and works out of the HomeBase office in Grand Rapids, MI.

Upon arriving to college, she declared an English-writing major thanks to wise words from her high school writing teacher and her love of reading. For this (and many other reasons) she is passionate about education that truly sees and understands students and is thankful Fusion exists and she gets to be a part of it. 

Outside of work you’ll likely find her reading, writing, hiking, hanging out in a hammock, traveling, or hanging out with her 5 1/2-year-old German Shepherd Mix rescue dog, Ella.

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