The Benefits of Working with a Fusion College and Post-Secondary Counselor

By Lauren Haber, MS

Everything about Fusion is unique – including our College and Post-secondary Counseling program. I’ve compiled FIVE reasons why you should seriously consider working with a Fusion PSC as your students’ plans for their future that I’d like to share with you. 

  1. We understand the Fusion model. Fusion isn’t your traditional school, and our Post-Secondary Counselors (PSCs) get it. Most of us have worked at a brick-and-mortar campus and know the day in the life of a Fusion student. We are experts on how to answer tough application questions such as “Why did you transfer schools?” 
  2. We know the Fusion student. As PSCs, we know Fusion students come to us with interesting stories, backgrounds, and passions.  We understand not every student is on the traditional path to a 4-year college.  We help your student explore all their options after high school. If college is the goal, then we help students tell their stories in a way that shines on their college essays. 
  3. We have a national network of PSCs with a vast knowledge of colleges. Our team is comprised of thirteen counselors situated across the country with a wide range of expertise. Our counselors are experts and know the colleges in the regions they serve and beyond.
  4. We are experienced in counseling neurodivergent students. This is our specialty! Did you know some colleges have programs designed to support students who think and learn differently? We have great relationships with the colleges that can best support your student with their academic, personal, and social needs. 
  5. We have Fusion resources at our fingertips. If your student needs to know their GPA – we can pull it up immediately. If they need to learn more about a college, they have access to our college networking system, SCOIR. If they need help tracking down a recommendation letter, we can quickly send the teacher a Teams chat.  We build meaningful relationships with the campuses your student attends to make the college admission process as smooth as possible for you and your student.  

Are you interested in learning more about Fusion’s College and Post-Secondary Counseling program? Please check out our website and schedule a 30-minute consultation with your counselor today! We look forward to working with you! 

About the Author

Lead Post-Secondary Counselor

As our Lead Regional Post-Secondary Counselor, Lauren’s primary role is to offer a unique, hands-on approach to helping students discover their own paths while they prepare for transitions of all kinds. Lauren is here to support our students with navigating the college admissions process, managing college applications, exploring alternative post-graduation plans, academic planning and development, college essay coaching, and much more.  

Lauren has over eleven years of professional experience working as a counselor in education and mental health serving students of all ages.  She has been a College and Post-Secondary Counselor at Fusion for the past six years and splits her time supporting eight of our Fusion campuses in the Pacific Northwest region.  Lauren has helped hundreds of students navigate post-secondary planning and the college admissions process. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from North Carolina State University and a Masters’ Degree in Counselor Education from East Carolina University. Before coming to Fusion, Lauren worked as a Licensed K-12 School Counselor in both middle and high school settings and as a School Based Therapist in North Carolina. Lauren is very passionate about working with youth and providing guidance to students as they discover their unique path.  Fun Fact: Lauren has driven cross-country seven times as a counselor on a 23 day teen leadership program called Teens Westward Bound.  Ask her about it!