Tech Lab at Fusion Academy

By Kate Kodet

Fusion’s Tech Lab has dropped at select campuses nationwide, and its impact has been immediate. At the Huntington Beach, CA, campus a student-programmed robot can be seen buzzing the hallways; in Palo Alto, another robot is in charge of turning the lights on and off. In Montclair, NJ, students are not only learning about the components of a computer but actually building computers from scratch. In Austin, TX, students are designing and writing their own video games. Students in all subjects are using virtual reality to have richer interactions with their content and access places and historical events otherwise inaccessible.

What the Tech Lab has shown us is that technology is not just about flashy equipment, it’s about the creative process, and that’s what makes it such an asset for Fusion students. Fusion students already flourish in music and the arts- walk down our hallways covered in student drawings and paintings, and you’ll hear fresh beats from the music studio. Now there’s a new space and new equipment available to all students, especially those who would rather write some code than pick up a paintbrush or a guitar. Students who cringe at the thought of a poster assignment or roll their eyes at a PowerPoint can instead design 3D-printed objects for a physical component, or create an interactive world or game in virtual reality.

See For Yourself

Here’s a video that shows a little more of what the Tech Lab is about:


Students are constantly looking for new ways to express themselves, and though we may not realize it, every assignment that we give our students is an opportunity for self-expression. The Tech Lab, with all its equipment, represents a catalog of new ways for students to complete assignments, show their learning, fill their schedule, and learn new skills that will ultimately make them more competitive in the job market.

All this is just an extension of what Fusion does best- build connection: connection between people, connection between academics and interests, and connection between interests and transferable skills. The Tech Lab is only a year old, and we can’t wait to see what projects our students create in this new school year!

About the Author

STEM Curriculum Coordinator

Fusion Academy

Kate Kodet is the STEM Curriculum Coordinator for Fusion Academy. She has always been “all about” about math and science, as well as the pursuit of equity in education for all. She manages STEM curricular resources, develops current and new courses, promotes lab usage and safety, and supports course planning. Connect with Kate: