Teaching Music Classes Virtually

By Joshua Pare

Teaching music virtually can sound somewhat strange at first, but with the tools at our disposal like Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration, RTP-MIDI, and Zoom, the music program at Fusion Academy Alexandria has become something we are very proud to share.

What makes it possible

Being able to stream multiple camera feeds through Zoom has allowed us to easily create tutorial recordings on the fly, such as overhead keyboard views in Piano or fretboard close-ups in Guitar, so the student has the exact post-session learning resources that they need, instantly. Through Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration and BandLab, we’ve been able to work on audio production sessions in real-time, producing and mixing tracks with instant feedback, and even have a student record their voice or instruments at their home station, and then use that recording instantly in class to go over lesson material.

Given that students have more direct control over sessions than sharing a single computer, I have found music students to be even more excited to work on projects outside of class, which has made class sessions so much more enriching. One student has even found a way to stream MIDI information (digital musical notes from the piano next to me) from my teaching setup directly into his computer over IP with minimal latency.

See for yourself!

Step inside my (virtual) classroom to see how I’ve been working with students:

Guitar class: working with a student on the song “Hey There Delilah”

Recording Arts class: working with a student on Groups and Busses in ProTools with his drum tracks.



I’m thankful for the technology we have at Fusion to be able to continue teaching these awesome students virtually.

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About the Author

Music Teacher/Mentor

Fusion Academy Alexandria

Joshua Pare is a Music Teacher/Mentor at Fusion Academy Alexandria. Joshua is a classically trained pianist, originally from Suffield, CT. An Avid Pro Tools certified audio engineer, Joshua’s experience includes years of live performance, sound reinforcement, studio experience and private lessons. Having moved to Virginia to attend the renowned Shenandoah Conservatory, he studied under Dr. Robert Larson and recently completed his Bachelor of Music in Music Production and Recording Technology, with a focus in Jazz Piano. 

Joshua performs regularly as the pianist for the Shenandoah Conservatory Little Big Band, as well as the vocalist for the band Cellar. Holding an extensive knowledge in music theory and instrumental technique, Joshua teaches piano, drum set and guitar with influences from a varied set of artists, including Snarky Puppy, Chon, Bill Evans, Crash Kings, Matt Garstka, Tesseract and many others. In his free time, Joshua likes to write music and have jam sessions with friends. He also enjoys cooking (especially when chicken is involved).