Room to Fly: The Power in Offering Space for Students to Explore Their Passions

Christopher’s story — Fusion, Malvern, Pennsylvania  

Chris arrived at Fusion Academy – Malvern after several years feeling frustrated by the difficulty he experienced in trying to pursue his artistic passions at his previous school. He wanted time to explore his divergent interests, and the workload and curriculum at the school left him little time to do so. 

In contrast, Fusion offered him room to explore his unique interests in the ways he’d hoped would be possible. ”Although I came into Fusion interested in exploring a career in art, my own exploration allowed me to discover I actually had other interests and passions to explore also. This was a huge advantage,” says Chris. 

Chris immediately began to thrive in Fusion’s one-to-one learning environment where teachers tailored content to his interests. “Relationships with teachers are more personal at Fusion. They’re working with you; not teaching at you,” says Chris. ”It was a great environment in which to learn.” 

“Chris wanted more say in his education,” says Kris Coyne, Head of School at Fusion – Malvern. “He jumped into the Fusion community from the get-go. He was very social, kind and inquisitive. He loves learning, and our teachers were energized by his sheer excitement.”

Max McNally, Lead Teacher and Assistant Director, agrees. “Chris is a truly inquisitive, curious individual, and he applied that same enthusiasm to his learning.” McNally says Chris approached every conversation with an eagerness to absorb. 

“He needed space to fly so he could express and practice his curiosity,” says McNally. “At Fusion, he found the ability to do that.”

“I cannot say enough good things about Fusion,” says Chris. “It completely changed my trajectory. I wasn’t able to flourish in my previous school, and Fusion changed that for me.”

Chris says the opportunity he had to explore his interest in cryptocurrency while at Fusion led him to major in computer science at Colorado College, where he is currently a Freshman. 

“It’s an exciting time,” says Chris. “I have a like-minded group of friends and lots of opportunities and business projects I’m working on.”  Chris is especially excited about the potential of working with blockchain. “The technology is so new, and there are so many opportunities that are being experimented with.” 

McNally is also excited to see what Chris does in the future. “I expect him to be a trailblazer in whatever he decides to do. He’ll set his sights on something grand, and it will reflect his creativity.”