Fusion Scholarship Foundation Videos

This year the Fusion Scholarship Foundation was able to award its first-ever scholarships. The Foundation began because of passionate Fusion parents. They knew the value of a Fusion education, but also knew that not everyone could afford it. Thanks to their generous donations, and the donations of others passionate about Fusion, three scholarships were awarded: one in each of our major regions.

After reading each recipient’s application, we knew their story had to be told. We were able to partner with Voyage Pictures of Grand Rapids, MI and spend time with two of the scholarship winners: Noah from Fusion Pasadena and Bailey from Fusion Austin.

It was an honor to spend time with these students and their families and to be able to share their incredible stories.


Noah grew up as a happy kid with a wicked sense of humor. She did well academically and competed internationally for track and field until she was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a malignant brain cancer that almost took her life.

The cancer treatment damaged her nervous system, but not her spirit. Through physical and occupational therapy, Noah has regained many of her physical functions and remains an incredibly sharp, 14-year-old who brings light and laughter wherever she goes.

After attending Fusion for summer classes, Noah knew that Fusion was where she wanted to stay because of the one-to-one classes and relationship-based learning. However, tuition seemed out of reach.

Noah applied and was awarded a full-time scholarship so she can continue to learn at Fusion Academy Pasadena for her 10th-grade year.

Watch her story of endurance, success, and growth:


Bailey’s bullying began when he started middle school. His classmates threw paper and food at him, and the school faculty locked him in an empty classroom for months due to a lack of resources.

After attending Fusion, everything changed. Bailey made friends in the Homework Café®, he learned more than he ever had in customized, one-to-one classrooms, and his home life finally had peace.

However, the Baker family worried that Bailey would have to return to his old school because they couldn’t keep paying for a Fusion education. They knew that just wasn’t an option and applied for the Fusion scholarship, hoping for the best.

Bailey was awarded a full-time scholarship and will continue to learn at Fusion Academy Austin this year.

Watch how Bailey is now thriving:

We’re so thankful for those who have given so students like these can attend a school that understands, values, and empowers them to grow and learn. If you would like to learn more or contribute to the Fusion Scholarship Foundation click here. If these stories moved you, we’d be grateful to you if you shared them with friends, family, or on social media.