Fusion Scholarship Foundation 2022 Scholarship Recipients

The Fusion Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce our 2022-23 scholarship recipients. Each student has received some level of support from the foundation to help make their educational goals and dreams a reality.


Fusion Academy Miracle Mile

Fusion has been a game changer for 15-year-old Matan, who is starting the 10th grade. According to his parents John and Jennifer, Matan would not be as scholastically successful without Fusion’s flexible schedule, one-on-one teaching, and commitment to every child’s success: “Fusion has played a significant role in Matan’s academic and personal development. We have witnessed his resiliency as he flourished in his school subjects, amidst going through the pandemic. His ability to be flexible and understanding expanded tremendously since becoming a student at Fusion. His self-confidence has grown, thanks to the encouragement and motivation he received from his teachers at Fusion.”

Matan has a glistening curiosity for learning and is passionate about following his interests, including expressing his feelings through music. “I am very passionate about music and the influence that it has,” says Matan. “I am also passionate about the message and emotions that music conveys and how I can express my emotions through it. I am proud of what I can do with music and how far I have come, from not being able to write a single line to being able to write an entire song in 30 minutes.”

As a result of a Fusion scholarship, Matan’s parents are looking forward to watching him learn, grow and flourish—as a student and a young man.


Fusion Academy Miracle Mile

Ariella is an enthusiastic and energetic 8th grader who is courageous, creative, and cares deeply about her friends and family. According to her parents, Fusion has played a significant role in Ariella’s academic and personal development. “Ariella has developed rich connections with her teachers; one in which she feels comfortable to be herself, allowing her to gain the most benefit from her customized education. The care that her teachers have for her wellbeing and success are playing a key role in empowering her and enhancing her self-confidence.”

Ariella is incredibly grateful she will be able to return to Fusion for 8th grade. “I have met some of my closest friends at Fusion, and they have similar struggles like me, and we help each other through it.” Ariella also says the flexible schedule and homework café give her the one-on-one learning environment she needs so she’s not overly stressed with hours of homework. This scholarship provides her family with peace of mind, knowing that Ariella will continue to get a great education, tailored, and specified to her individual needs and interests.


Fusion Academy Ardmore

Zac’s mom has always wanted him to find his passion, and now heading into his senior year, she says it’s become clear to both her and his teachers: “He loves baking and has become super passionate. It has defined his learning experience at Fusion this last semester. I can now envision him taking the things he is learning at Fusion and starting a business. I am so proud of what he has achieved at Fusion. He struggled, but the staff/teachers at Fusion stuck with him while they figured out what worked. They did not settle for the bare minimum. They pushed him to think and grow.”

Zac enjoys being at Fusion and is grateful for this opportunity. “I love how the teachers use baking to enhance the assignment,” he says. “I am glad I have had the opportunity to take consumer math so I might learn the skill I need to run a bakery.”

Mmbekalo (MK)

Fusion Academy Solana Beach

11th grader Mmbekalo (MK) is a refugee who came to America with his parents for a better life and more opportunities. MK’s parents describe him as hardworking and not only curious about the opportunities available to him, but also willing to do his best to achieve them.

“We envision him to do well at whatever he sets his eyes on,” say his parents. “Whether in college or to learn a trade, we know he will work hard to the best of his ability. Fusion is a huge blessing. MK was so behind and lacked a lot of comprehension. Fusion has helped him and will continue to help him academically catch up and be the best student he can be.”

“I always want to learn, even though I am behind, and it is challenging,” says MK. “I want to focus on my studies and do my best for my future.”


Fusion Academy Solana Beach

Robbin is an outgoing 9th grader who loves sports, robotics, and enjoys being adventurous.

As a refugee, Robbin fell far behind academically at his previous school and felt he was forgotten, ignored, and could never get the help he needed.

He’s competitive and knows he needs to work hard to have a great future: “Fusion is great! I have seen what it has done for me academically this year. I have made huge improvements,” says Robbin.

According to his parents, Robbin is smart, works hard, does his best, and tries to take advantage of any opportunity and experience that can benefit his future. “We would like him to go to college and have a wonderful career,” they say. His parents believe Fusion will help Robbin soar for his future.


Fusion Academy Greenwich

Tayden is a friendly and bright 6th grader who loves to read, learn, and laugh. Her mom Tracy says, “I believe Fusion is helping Tayden grow as a human being while showing her that there is a place where she fits in and that there are teachers who understand and accept her for who she is. The relief I feel as a parent to see my child smile and engage with other students and feel comfortable is amazing. I notice her walking a little taller now that she has found her crew.”

Tayden says she couldn’t really focus on her previous school because she was worried: “My teacher would say, ‘Some of you won’t make it in middle school.’” Tayden believes the Fusion difference will be in that she gets more help and time to do her work. Her mom believes a scholarship offers Tayden an opportunity to continue her studies and excel in an environment where she has peace of mind and can be herself.

Sibonelo “Sibo”

Fusion Global Academy

Sibo is a kind, loving, witty kid with an amazing memory for stories and gift for interior design, according to his mom, who also says he’s struggled to find a place he could relax and learn. “Until we found Fusion, I spent many days wondering how I was even going to get him through school, because he was so defeated. I want Sibo to love himself and like learning.”

She says recent testing showed an amazing three-year grade level gain in 8-9 months of full-time enrollment at Fusion. “Sibo is gaining confidence. He asks questions. He has fun writing stories and perseveres with math concepts, with which he used to fold in frustration quickly. …Most importantly for my mom’s heart, Sibo has a revived can-do attitude, enjoys learning with his teachers, and believes in himself in ways I haven’t ever seen.”

Sibo says he’s able to learn a lot better and more efficiently at Fusion. “I can’t hide in the 1:1 classes. I can ask more questions without fear of being judged. I just think it’s working a lot better than my other schools have.”


Fusion Academy Berkeley

Fusion Academy is a godsend, according to Jordan’s mom Medea. Without it, she says his academic progress would be in “freefall.” “To experience my brilliant son supported at last to learn, to witness him building back his learning self-esteem, excited, confident, glowing…know that this is priceless to me.” At Fusion, she says, there are no cracks for him to fall through.

“At Fusion I feel like I get the support that I need, and the teachers are really nice,” says Jordan. “I can actually get my homework done there, which is important because I can get all of the support I need right at Fusion versus going home and feeling lost. I feel like I am learning there more than any other school I went to. If I went to a different school, I don’t think I would get the support I need that I get at Fusion.


Fusion Academy The Woodlands

Eleventh grader Caitlyn says she first went to Fusion to gain credits toward graduation, but while attending, she had a math teacher who noticed she didn’t speak up and would second guess her answers. “One day after a test,” she says, “my teacher noticed I was not confident in my answers. He told me that I’m smarter than I think I am, and I need to go with my gut. Because of Fusion’s way of teaching, I have become more confident, and I have come further in school than I ever thought I would.”

Caitlyn’s parents see the difference as well: “Fusion Academy has already proven to us that their teaching methods work. My child has gone from hating everything about school, to wanting and desiring to go to school to learn something new.”

Robert “Blaise”

Fusion Academy Alpharetta

Blaise’s mom Teresa believes Fusion will play an enormous role in his future successes. She says Fusion is already changing his trajectory in that he’s making new friends, developing meaningful relationships with teachers, and starting to trust these new relationships. “For the first

time in 2 years, I have seen Blaise have HOPE in his eyes, speak positively about the future, and have the rest of his life to look forward to.” Blaise also believes the Fusion Community has helped him grow as a person in only 3 months.

“We have found a wonderful family at Fusion,” says Teresa. “I believe healing happens through relationships. And we are starting to see that happen with Blaise these last 3 months. We have a long road to travel, but like Blaise said on his first day at Fusion, ‘There is nowhere else I’d want to be.’”


Fusion Academy Upper West Side

After a tough couple of years, Randy, a 12th grader, found Fusion. He feels supported by employees and teachers there and sees it helping tremendously: “I love the environment, and I know that I can be myself in there,” says Randy

His parents were also happy to see him doing so well with the 1:1 format and flexible scheduling. Their earlier efforts to help Randy in school proved highly frustrating, and without a Fusion scholarship, they would not have been able to continue sending Randy to Fusion. This is a dream come true for Randy and his family, who have come to love Fusion.


Fusion Global Academy

Fourteen-year-old Yvelore loves animals and always has a smile on her face, according to her parents, who spent years searching for a positive, effective learning environment for Yvelore. Yvelore is one of the many students who learn best in a one-to-one environment where the curriculum, the manner and speed with which it is taught, and the style of teaching can be tailored to a student’s particular set of strengths and weaknesses.

“Fusion has been the biggest gift to Yvelore and our family,” according to her parents. “The 1-1 student-teacher model is what has enabled her to grow and learn…Without this scholarship, we would not have an effective place for her to learn and grow. The amount of gratitude we have for this Fusion Scholarship cannot be expressed enough!” Her parents are most looking forward to seeing Yvelore’s confidence grow, and Yvelore agrees that Fusion is a wonderful place for her to learn: “I love my teachers. I learn when it is just me and the teacher and no one else.”

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