Fusion Education Group Receives Its Highest Parent Satisfaction Scores for Its Resilient Learning Model   


(Grand Rapids, Mich. – September 14, 2021) When educators pivoted, parents applauded, recently evidenced by Fusion Education Group’s highest-ever parent satisfaction scores from a pandemic-disrupted school year that challenged teachers and students alike.

“We’re flattered by parents’ satisfaction scores because they affirm that our personalized learning model consistently performs, even in the face of a pandemic,” says Peter Ruppert, Chief Executive Officer of Fusion Education Group (FEG).

“Sadly, too many families were both frustrated with online education and devastated with their child’s learning loss. Our one-to-one learning model – with one teacher and one student per class and different teachers for each course – puts the student first. It is an incredibly engaging and personalized model whether in a physical or virtual classroom and parents were clearly appreciative.”   

Fusion Education Group (FEG) operates 80 accredited schools in 16 states, including 32 in California where Fusion Academy and Futures Academy provide personalized learning. FEG regularly measures parent satisfaction across all brands. Its parent satisfaction scores for the 2020-2021 academic year were the highest to date and exceeded equivalent customer satisfaction scores of global brands like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Coca-Cola.  

“It’s been said that hard work pays off,” says Futures Academy Beverly Hills Head of School Kimberly Floyd. “Our parent satisfaction scores proved that adage. Our teams day in and day out, during a challenging year of epic proportions, were steadfast in their commitment to students and their families.”   

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, FEG continues to pivot daily to ensure that campuses adhere to safety standards that keep students safe and engaged. In California, public schools began transitioning to online learning in March 2020. Fusion and Futures followed suit and gradually returned to in-person learning throughout California as local governments allowed.   

“Both Futures and Fusion have deep roots in California,” says Ruppert. “Parents trust us for the confidence their children develop through our one-to-one approach. Students find their voice, and they thrive.”  

Both Fusion and Futures Academies, founded in California in the 1980s, were built on the belief that personalized education is a better way for many middle and high school students to learn.  

Today, Fusion Academy has 17 California campuses and Futures Academy has 15 campuses, both offer personalized education in person, online, or as a hybrid model to accommodate students who prefer a more flexible schedule. In addition to physical campuses, Fusion Global Academy offers one-to-one personalized education through its completely virtual campus that serves students in 45 states and 18 countries.  

“Imagine being a student in a sea of other faces, whether in person or online, where everyone is competing for the attention of one teacher,” says Fusion Marin Academy Head of School Jonathan Kiesler. “Now imagine arriving to class and you are the only student. It is your class. The teacher is there only for you. That is what student-centric learning looks like. The contrast of those two experiences is as different as living in two separate universes.”   

Parents seeking private school options that include both small class sizes and virtual learning settings can visit a Fusion Academy or Futures Academy. Campus enrollment teams will acquaint families with FEG’s learning models and find the campus setting that is best for their children, including admission to Fusion Global Academy, FEG’s completely virtual campus.   

“When other schools scrambled to assemble online resources, we were steady and ready,” says Floyd. “Our ability to flip to the right modality, is innate. It is what we do. We start with the student and then create a learning model that fosters academic growth and preserves and enhances social and emotional health.”   

The continued demand for personalized learning options is why Fusion Education Group maintains a strong presence in California and is the impetus for its continued growth there. Fusion Academy is scheduled to open its 18th California campus this January in Santa Barbara and is currently enrolling students virtually. Fusion Academy Santa Barbara will offer a new flexible learning model that combines three learning modalities including one-to-one learning, asynchronous digital, and small group project-based classes.   

“Our philosophy of love, motivate, teach, took on new meaning in 2020,” says Kiesler. “We stayed focused on our students and kept them engaged and learning to maintain some sense of normalcy. We fully expect to do it again this current school year.”  

About Fusion Education Group:  

Fusion Education Group provides accredited personalized education for middle and high school students at its 80 campuses nationwide and includes Fusion Academy, with more than 60 campuses that offer one-to-one instruction, Futures Academy, which offers one-to-one, small group instruction and online learning at 15 California campuses, Barnstable Academy, which offers traditional college-prep in a small school setting in New Jersey, and Fusion Global Academy, which offers one-to-one personalized education through a completely virtual campus that currently serves students in 45 states and 18 countries.   

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