Fusion Academy Los Gatos to Celebrate A Decade of Education

(Los Gatos, Calif. – September 21, 2022 ) Fusion Academy Los Gatos will celebrate its tenth school year this month with alumni and community members who hope to raise funds for future scholarships to the private middle and high school.

“Milestones are worth celebrating and significant reminders of recognizing all the people and things for which we are grateful,” said Amy Wiltbank Baur, Fusion Academy Los Gatos Head of School. “Our team asked that we use this anniversary as an opportunity to pay it forward, and we are looking forward to raising funds for future students to attend Fusion.”

Fusion Academy Los Gatos will celebrate its 10-year anniversary on September 29, at the school located in Old Town Los Gatos. Community members and former alumni should email losgatos@fusionacademy.com for registration information. The event will include a student-created art installation, both live and silent auctions, music, food and more.

Since it first opened its doors in March of 2012, more than 1,200 students attended Fusion Academy Los Gatos. This last school year, 30 seniors became graduates of the school.

Fusion Academy Los Gatos is part of a nationwide network of schools where student needs always come first, and teaching is personalized and one-to-one. Students have one teacher for each course, and classes are uniquely tailored to reflect how each student learns. Social-emotional well-being and academic progress are of equal importance.

Seven years ago, Fusion Academy families created the Fusion Academy Scholarship Fund, which awards scholarships to students who could benefit from personalized education but lack the resources to pay for it. As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the foundation is supported by current and former Fusion families, community partners and Fusion Education Group to award scholarships to students throughout the country. The foundation’s first scholarship recipient, Bailey, recently graduated. His story can be found here.

“We are perpetually amazed and grateful for the generosity of our Fusion families,” said Fusion Scholarship Executive Director Cindy Mackey. “Whatever the Los Gators community raises, will be committed to financially supporting students who want to attend there.”

Los Gatos Fusion Academy students come from all backgrounds and include a member of the United States Olympic karate and hockey teams, actors and actresses. Teachers work with students who range from high achievers, academically challenged, and some with social and emotional conditions. Wiltbank Baur expects to see new and older faces alike and views the event as opportunity to celebrate every single relationship made there.

“We have spent a decade partnering with the education and therapeutic community here to become an important part of this community’s infrastructure,” said Wiltbank Baur. “There are countless counselors, educators and health care providers in this community who told families that Fusion was the right place for their student. We are grateful to every single person who helped us help change a student’s life for the better.”

Businesses and families interested in supporting the auction or donating to the foundation can contact Wiltbank Baur at losgatos@fusionacademy.com.

“The pandemic has taught a lot of things, including there’s no time like the present to celebrate life’s riches and there’s always time to be kind and generous,” Wiltbank Baur said and added that the hopes the event is so successful that they can raise funds annually for the Fusion Scholarship Foundation.


About Fusion Academy: Fusion Academy Los Gatos provides individualized education to students in grades 6 through 12 and is part of Fusion Education Group (FEG) a revolutionary innovator in personalized education. FEG provides accredited personalized education for than 5,000 middle and high school students at its 68 campuses that offer one-to-one instruction; Futures Academy, which offers one-to-one, small group instruction and online learning at 15 California campuses; Barnstable Academy, which offers traditional college-prep in a small school setting in New Jersey; and Fusion Global Academy, which offers one-to-one personalized education through a completely virtual campus that currently serves students in 47 states and 33 countries. More information about FEG’s national events can be found here. FEG has more than 80 campuses in 18 states and the District of Columbia. Learn more about Fusion Academy Los Gatos here.

About the Fusion Scholarship Foundation: Parents of Fusion Academy students created the foundation in 2015 because they wanted to make Fusion’s life-changing education available to more students. As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the foundation is supported by current and former Fusion families, community partners and Fusion Education Group to award scholarships to students throughout the country. Learn more about the foundation at www.fusionscholarship.org.