Confidence That Breaks Through Barriers

Kenyon’s Story

Sixteen-year-old Kenyon celebrated his high school graduation this past December. Graduating a year-and-a-half early is an achievement, and Kenyon plans to take a much-earned gap year for 2022, utilizing the time to rest, recharge and explore various hands-on learning opportunities.

Receiving a 2021 Fusion Foundation scholarship not only took the financial burden off his family’s shoulders, according to Kenyon’s mother, but it also allowed him to learn one-on-one and finish his high school academics early.

“Fusion allowed Kenyon to focus on the curriculum at his pace, and it challenged him to use critical thinking skills to solve problems independently,” she says. “The teachers/mentors held Kenyon accountable for his academic achievement and helped bridge the gap for a revolutionary way of learning. Fusion was the missing piece to Kenyon’s academic journey and our family balance.”

Kenyon’s time at Fusion helped him focus on his strengths and balance out his academic deficits, giving him the confidence to push through barriers.

Kenyon’s teacher/mentor Kiana Penson says, “I’m most proud of the developed confidence I have witnessed as Kenyon has achieved his own personal successes in the classroom! Kenyon has been such a joy and it has been my honor to be a part of his academic journey.”

Post-graduation Kenyon now has a chance to pause and explore various opportunities in non-traditional and traditional settings. “This is an opportunity we do not take for granted, and we are excited to witness his journey and future life choices,” says his mom.

The family also extends sincere gratitude to all the teachers at Fusion Academy—Sugar Land, and especially to Ms.Kiana, Ms.Chrystal,  Ms.Hannah, and Mr.Shayne for being part of Kenyon’s journey from the beginning. “We appreciate your expertise in helping close this chapter of Kenyon’s journey.”