Bailey's Transformative Fusion Academy Journey

Bailey was bullied at school for being different. He was a smart kid, but his intelligence wasn’t seen in the traditional school environment. Bailey’s family found Fusion Academy and their lives started to turn around.

Watch his story from when he first started at Fusion Academy here:


Receiving a scholarship from the Fusion Academy Scholarship Foundation allowed him to continue to attend Fusion.

Bailey attended Fusion from 7th grade all the way through high school. In May 2022, Bailey graduated from Fusion Academy Austin, and he is now in college.

Watch Bailey’s graduation story here:


There are so many students who could experience a life-changing education just like Bailey, but they simply aren’t able to afford it. We formed the 100% parent-led Fusion Academy Scholarship Foundation to give back after the lives of our children were changed by Fusion.

Please consider a donation so we can Fund the Future for students like Bailey. Click here to donate.

Thank you,

The Fusion Academy Scholarship Foundation Board

Jan Fielder, President

Susan Saxe, Treasurer

Jenn Pavan

Randy Eisenman

Susan Mordecai, Scholarship Committee Chairperson

Robin Storfer